Coding Competition: The Best Strategy to Find Qualified Developer

Coding Competition: The Best Strategy to Find Qualified Developer

Hiring qualified developers is a very difficult thing to do. You need a mature strategy to find good-fit candidates. However, no matter how far the strategy is prepared, various challenges must be faced. This is likely to affect the final recruitment outcome. To get around this, you can do a coding competition. This method is very effective for finding the best developers.

Coding Competition is a programming competition. Through this competition, you will get a lot of candidates and find out which candidates have the best technical and problem-solving skills in solving every problem given during the competition. This certainly makes it very easy for you to recruit developers, compared to the usual recruitment method.

There are many benefits that companies can get through coding competitions. In this article, Algobash will discuss it thoroughly for you.

Benefits of coding competition for companies

1. Effective for recruiting qualified developers

The first thing your company can get is of course the best developer candidates whose quality has been proven. When candidates win the competition, it means they have met all the requirements needed to become a professional developer, ranging from technical skills, problem-solving, and so on. You can also recruit him to join the company.

In addition to recruiting the champion, you can also find other candidates who have high potential. You can consider joining them or at least give them another chance so that when the company needs a new candidate to fill a vacant position, you can contact them. This search is certainly more effective and easier if you have to carry out the recruitment process from the beginning.

2. Reducing the cost of bad hiring

What companies often do is reduce recruitment costs, which consume quite a lot of company funds. Through coding competitions, you can make this happen. By sponsoring programming competitions organized by other organizations, you can reduce recruitment costs.

In this way, you can also avoid bad hiring that might occur if you carry out the recruitment process the old way. Bad hiring brings a lot of losses for your company. However, with the coding competition, you don’t have to worry about choosing the wrong candidate.

You also don’t need to re-recruit because the selected candidate has good technical skills. You only need to test the candidate’s culture fit before finally deciding to hire them. So this can reduce cost losses due to bad hiring.

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3. Improve company branding

Branding is very important for companies. You must already know this. There are many strategies you can do to increase your company’s brand awareness, one of which is collaborating with other organizations that will hold a coding competition.

Sponsoring a coding competition can be a separate strategy for your company to introduce your brand more widely. Usually, there will be thousands of participants who compete, they will remember your company as one of the companies that are active in developing the IT world. This will make it easier for your company to recruit the best developer candidates later.

4. Actively participate in developing IT talent in Indonesia

According to Kominfo, the number of programmers in Indonesia is still very small compared to the company’s needs. This makes developers in Indonesia rare. As a result, many companies are turning to look for candidates from other countries.

By participating in a coding competition, your company will indirectly participate actively in developing IT talent in Indonesia. The more Indonesian programmers, the easier it will be for your company to recruit the best domestic talent. This of course can reduce company costs when compared to recruiting other candidates who come from different countries from your company.

5. Empowering women and increasing diversity in tech teams

Finally, the advantage that companies can get from a coding competition is that it can empower women and increase the workplace diversity of your company’s tech team. Women and diversity in the workplace can provide enormous benefits for companies, one of which is increasing productivity, creativity, and company profits.

So, those are some of the benefits that companies can get when they actively participate in coding competitions. To realize all of the above, Algobash organizes an annual coding competition event called “Code Run” which enables companies to find the best developers.

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