Spreadsheet Test

Automated Spreadsheet Test For Finance, Accounting, and Ops.

Assess the candidate’s spreadsheet skills using Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets.

Spreadsheet Test Tes Spreadsheet

Test candidate’s knowledge of organizing, calculating, and analyzing data with spreadsheet test.

Our spreadsheet test is suitable for accounting, finance, administration, and operational vacancies.

  • Writing formulas to perform calculations and look up data from a reference table.
  • Organize and summarize large data sets using sorting, filtering, and pivot table
  • Process data to communicate data graphically.
  • Compatible with Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, and more!

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Proctoring Solution

Implement webcam and desktop monitoring capabilities to oversee candidates during their interactions and activities, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation process.

Code and Video Playback

View a recorded compilation of a candidate’s coding activities and interview interactions presented in video format.

AI Powered

The AI-driven automated scoring system, employing advanced algorithms. Guarantees precise and swift evaluation, minimizing the need for manual scoring.

Review and Ratings

Engage in collaborative efforts with recruiters and end-users to enhance decision-making processes and optimize outcomes.

Complete analytics

In-depth PDF to support your technical hiring decisions. Offering insights into candidates’ performance on assessments

Comprehensive Test Library

Provides access to a test library comprising over 100+ assessments of diverse skills and subjects, affording recruiters a wide array of choices for test.

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  • The Algobash Spreadsheet Test is a pre-employment assessment designed to evaluate candidates’ proficiency in spreadsheet software, such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. It assesses candidates’ ability to navigate through spreadsheets, manipulate data, use formulas and functions, and analyze data effectively.

  • Our Algobash Spreadsheet Test assesses a range of skills including:

    • Basic spreadsheet navigation
    • Data entry and formatting
    • Formula and function usage
    • Data manipulation and analysis
  • The Algobash Spreadsheet Test can be administered offline or online through the candidate’s preferred software. Candidates are typically provided with a set of tasks or scenarios to complete within a specified time frame using spreadsheet software.

    Once finished, the candidate can always upload the finish sheets back to Algobash for scoring. The scoring system is fully automated.

  • The duration of the test varies depending on the complexity and number of tasks included. Typically, candidates are given a specific time limit to complete the assessment, ranging from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

  • The test may be conducted under conditions where candidates are not allowed to use external resources or reference materials. This helps ensure a fair assessment of candidates’ actual spreadsheet skills and abilities.

  • Yes, the test can be customized to specific job roles or industries to ensure that the assessment aligns with the requirements of the position. Customization may include tailoring the test tasks, scenarios, or datasets to reflect real-world challenges relevant to the job role or industry.

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Algobash end-to-end Assessment
Algobash end-to-end Assessment