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Cognitive Test / Tes Kognitif

The ultimate solution for companies seeking to evaluate the cognitive abilities of their prospective employees.

Identifying top talent efficiently is crucial for organizational success. Our scientifically designed Cognitive Test offers a reliable and objective method to assess candidates’ cognitive capabilities, ensuring you make informed hiring decisions.

Unveiling the Magic

Like artisans crafting a masterpiece, our team meticulously designed the Cognitive Test, blending science and technology to create a tool that transcends traditional assessments.

With each algorithm honed and every methodology validated, we imbued our test with the power to reveal the true cognitive prowess of candidates.

Cognitive Test on Action

Why cognitive test is important?

Predictive Validity
Cognitive tests have been shown to possess strong predictive validity, meaning they are effective indicators of future job performance. By assessing candidates’ cognitive abilities such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and decision-making, employers can make more informed predictions about their potential success in a given role.

Objective Evaluation
Cognitive tests provide an objective measure of candidates’ abilities, free from biases that may influence subjective evaluations. This ensures fairness and equity in the hiring process, promoting diversity and inclusivity within the workforce.

Identify Potential
Cognitive tests not only assess current abilities but also help identify candidates with the potential for growth and development. By evaluating cognitive aptitude, employers can identify individuals who possess the capacity to learn and adapt to new challenges, making them valuable assets to the organization in the long term.

Job Fit
Understanding candidates’ cognitive strengths and weaknesses allows employers to match them more effectively with roles that align with their abilities. This ensures better job satisfaction and performance, leading to higher retention rates and overall organizational success.

Equipped with strong supporting features.
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Proctoring Solution

Implement webcam and desktop monitoring capabilities to oversee candidates during their interactions and activities, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation process.

Code and Video Playback

View a recorded compilation of a candidate’s coding activities and interview interactions presented in video format.

AI Powered

The AI-driven automated scoring system, employing advanced algorithms. Guarantees precise and swift evaluation, minimizing the need for manual scoring.

Review and Ratings

Engage in collaborative efforts with recruiters and end-users to enhance decision-making processes and optimize outcomes.

Complete analytics

In-depth PDF to support your technical hiring decisions. Offering insights into candidates’ performance on assessments

Comprehensive Test Library

Provides access to a test library comprising over 100+ assessments of diverse skills and subjects, affording recruiters a wide array of choices for test.

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