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Revolutionize Your BUMN Hiring and Corporates Hiring Process.

No sweat hiring made for Corporates’ HR. Shortlist hundreds to thousands of candidates with only one link, no more manual work.

Vendor Psikotes Online untuk BUMN Hiring
No more manual CV Shortlisting degan Vendor Psikotes Online untuk BUMN Hiring

No more manual CV shortlisting for your BUMN hiring and Corporate hiring.

Digitalization is happening right now, but corporates tend to apply the old way of hiring: CV shortlisting.

Why CV shortlisting is dangerous for you:

  • Can make unqualified candidates look qualified.
  • Not based on skills
  • Full of lies

Why Government-Owned Enterprises and Corporates Need Pre-Employment Assessment

Ensuring Quality Talent Acquisition
In the competitive landscape of BUMN hiring, it’s imperative to ensure the acquisition of top-tier talent. Pre-employment assessments enable organizations to identify candidates who possess the necessary skills, competencies, and cultural fit required for success in Government-owned enterprises and corporations.

Managing Large Applicant Pools
Government-owned enterprises and corporates frequently receive a large influx of applications for job vacancies. Pre-employment assessments help manage these large applicant pools by efficiently evaluating candidates’ qualifications, thereby saving time and resources in the BUMN hiring process.

Reducing Turnover Rates
High turnover rates can be detrimental to the operations of Government-owned enterprises and corporates. By utilizing pre-employment assessments, organizations can make data-driven hiring decisions that align with the organization’s objectives and values, ultimately reducing turnover rates in BUMN hiring.

Enhancing Diversity and Inclusion
Promoting diversity and inclusion is a priority for Government-owned enterprises and corporates. Pre-employment assessments offer an objective means of evaluating candidates, ensuring that hiring decisions are based on merit and suitability for the role, thereby fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce in BUMN hiring practices.

Mitigating Hiring Risks
Government-owned enterprises and corporates operate in environments where the stakes are high. Pre-employment assessments assist in mitigating hiring risks by providing insights into candidates’ abilities, potential performance, and alignment with the organization’s mission and goals, thereby safeguarding the integrity of BUMN hiring processes.

Optimizing Resource Allocation
Resource allocation is crucial for Government-owned enterprises and corporates, especially concerning BUMN hiring. Pre-employment assessments optimize resource allocation by identifying candidates who are most likely to succeed in the roles, thus minimizing costs associated with turnover and training.

78% of resumes contain misleading statements, while 46% contain outright lies.


Never hire based on CV only. Hire based on test results.

The benefits of using Algobash for BUMN hiring and corporates hiring

Great for massive hiring and management trainees

No more manual processes.

Technical skill

Test programmers, accounting, sales to operations using our libraries.

Psychological and cognitive test

Not only technical tests, we can also assess candidates’ intrapersonal values.

Cheating prevention available

We’ll make sure there are no cheaters who make it in to our assessment platform.

Objective recruitment

Reach out to people who already have the right skill set and bye CV swindlers!

Automated hiring process

Let your users work peacefully. We’ll automate your technical test.

Easy to use platform

Our dashboard and test environment are very intuitive and easy to use.

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Algobash end-to-end Assessment
Algobash end-to-end Assessment