Super App: Delivering A Solution For Greater Economy

Super App is a platform that can help distribute necessities to various regions in Indonesia. Since it was first established, Supper App has now succeeded in becoming a startup that can boost the pace of the community’s economy, especially in remote areas.

Empowering Communities and Improving the Economy

Super App realizes that the development of the digital economy in Indonesia has not been evenly distributed, especially in small towns and villages. There are about 90% of the retail market that is still untouched by e-commerce and 240 million people are not familiar with online transactions.

In addition, the vast territory of Indonesia which is divided into several islands also makes the distribution of necessities more difficult. This makes the prices of necessities more expensive in third cities and rural areas.

The presence of the Super App is one of the effective solutions that can resolve this problem. They present a super application that can be used by entrepreneurs in various regions to distribute groceries easily, cheaply, and quickly.

Effective Economic Innovation Through Super Apps

With a determination to advance the economy of people in remote areas. Super App continues to strive to build price parity through a more effective and efficient supply chain through a single application.

Super App also continues to innovate by developing technology and data processing to create a more capable supply chain. This application has a variety of interesting features that can help suppliers in predicting market behavior, demand, and supply in specific areas. They also provide feature recommendations to improve performance, reduce risk, and determine strategic business decisions. Applications become a very important thing for Super App. That is why this Surabaya-based startup continues to innovate to improve the features of its application services.

Hiring The Best Talent To Boost Innovation

To continue to improve it, in this case, Super App starts by forming a team of great engineers who have qualified skills as well as conformity with their values.

Super App collaborated with Algobash in forming a team of engineers. Algobash is a platform that provides various pre-employment tests for IT candidates and other general positions.

Super App uses Algobash to provide an assessment to test the technical ability of the engineering team candidate.

They considered Algobash very suitable to be used in the recruitment process. This is because Algobash can help them to find the best talents to develop Super applications to be more strategic and easy to use by users.