Evermos: A New Way to Boost Inclusive Economy

Evermos is social commerce that bridges resellers and local brands in selling their best products. They succeeded in providing a platform that can help small and medium local enterprises to have high competitiveness in marketing.

Since its establishment in 2018, Evermos has continued to innovate and improve its platform. They created a platform with an ecosystem that can support local resellers and brands in conducting end-to-end transactions with consumers. That way, Evermos can provide more effective and efficient business opportunities.

Fostering Economic Inclusivity

One of Evermos’ dreams is to create a more inclusive economic system. That is why, Evermos is fully committed to assisting the government in realizing an inclusive economy, especially for remote areas.

By creating websites and applications, Evermos strives to provide business facilities. The platform has contributed to advancing the Indonesian economy through digital transformation and job creation.

Inclusivity is the main key for Evermos. Since it was first founded, this Bandung-based startup has taken small steps to foster inclusiveness by empowering Indonesian women to be creative and independent entrepreneurs.

This commitment continues to be held by Evermos to date so that they can not only have an impact on business but also socially.

Starting From an Inclusive Team

Evermos’ success cannot be separated from their hard work and intelligence. There are great people behind it, and Evermos itself is also formed from a solid and inclusive team.

Evermos is determined to be a place that supports diversity by recruiting employees with different backgrounds, genders, ethnicities, and religions.

This is under their values ​​which strive to promote diversity, provide equal opportunities and wider involvement, and be able to make a social impact for everyone.

Empowering Human Resources Indiscriminately

With their intention, Evermos has been actively involved in various efforts to empower Indonesian human resources, especially women. They collaborated with Algobash to organize the biggest coding competition for female programmers in Indonesia. This collaboration is a form of Evermos’ support for Indonesian female talents to develop their tech skills.

In addition, Evermos is also working with Algobash to strengthen its determination to create inclusiveness in its team. They use the Algobash platform for their recruitment strategy needs.

Algobash is a pre-employment test platform that provides various assessments for general and IT job positions. Through Algobash, Evermos can assess a candidate’s technical ability without bias. Algobash provides a recruitment experience through a fair, fast but precise process.

After 6 months of collaborating, Evermos has succeeded in recruiting top talents with qualified abilities, especially in technical positions such as Backend Engineer. Algobash has also helped Evermos in building a more inclusive team.