Terms and Conditions

These terms of use apply to all Algobash (“Algobash”) websites and application users.

By registering, using, downloading, and/or installing Algobash, you have read, agreed to, and complied with these Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy. Algobash is allowed to change, add, and delete these terms of use at any time. By continuing to use the Algobash service, you already agree to the changes.

If you do not agree to Algobash’s Terms of Use or Privacy Policy, then you are not allowed to use Algobash; both for the Algobash website or application.

Our Services

Two (2) types of users can use the Algobash platform; namely (1) Organization (“Organization”); e.g. startups, HR agencies, or any companies in need of assessment services. (2) Participants (“Participants”); e.g. assessment candidates who are taking a certain test assigned by the Organization.

If there’s any violation of our service, Algobash has the right to refuse our platform and application services being used by certain parties for any reason.

Platform for Organization

Organizations are not allowed to disseminate content that contains: (1) Hatred against any ethnicity, religion, race, or intergroup (SARA), (2) Pornography, (3) hoax content and/or (4) Spread illegal knowledge that is regulated under the laws of the Indonesian state.

Algobash has the right to refuse and unilaterally terminate services without compensation if the Organization is proven to have misused Algobash for other stated acts.

The organization will have at least one (1) Organization Administrator who is responsible for all content and administering assessments it.

Account Terms

  1. Organizations and Participants can only use Algobash services if they have been actively registered as Algobash users.
  2. All data requested by Algobash must be filled in and completed with an authentic identity that can be justified and verified.
  3. Organization administrators and Participants are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their respective data and passwords.
  4. Restrictions of device access are the responsibility of each user.
  5. Algobash will never ask for a user password or token code.
  6. Algobash is not responsible for any misuse, loss, or damage arising from failure to comply with this provision.
  7. Algobash reserves the right to block and delete accounts at our sole discretion.

Subscription Fees

  • Organizations are required to subscribe to use Algobash services as an Organization.
  • Participants are not required to have any subscription to use Algobash services to take an assessment from any Organization.
  • Prices and types of subscription packages can change at any time, Algobash does not provide price protection or refunds in any form in the event of a promotional offer.
  • Algobash does not provide refunds in any form in the event of an untimely subscription cancellation.

Usage & Module Copyright

Algobash provides exam modules to help organizations carry out exams quickly. These are the types of Modules: (1) Free; free to use and (2) Premium; must be paid for use by the Organization.

Organizations are allowed to buy and use modules provided by Algobash to assign exams.

Premium modules that have been paid for by the Organization are allowed to be modified, duplicated, and used for the benefit of the related Organization.

Modules that are created by the organization, belong to the Organization and not Algobash.

Modules that are created by Algobash, belong to Algobash and shall not be use outside of Algobash platform.