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Competency Test for BPOs and Headhunters / Tes Kompetensi untuk perusahaan outsourcing dan headhunter

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Our scope of solutions

Streamlined Competency Tests

Gone are the days of cumbersome assessment methods. Algobash simplifies competency tests, providing a straightforward process to evaluate candidates accurately.

Tailored Solutions for BPOs and Headhunters

Algobash understands the intricacies of your industry. Our platform offers customized solutions tailored specifically for BPOs and headhunters, ensuring your hiring needs are met with precision.

Comprehensive Assessment Tools

From technical prowess to communication skills, Algobash’s comprehensive assessment tools cover all aspects of competency evaluation. Gain deep insights into each candidate’s abilities effortlessly.

Trust these experts to speed up hiring with pre-employment assessments


Increased Quality of Hires

Implementing competency-based assessments leads to a higher quality of hires.


Reduced Time-to-Hire

Companies that utilize pre-employment assessments experience a significant decrease in time-to-fill positions.

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Reduced Unqualified Talents

Streamline the screening process, allowing recruiters to handle a higher volume of applicants more efficiently

Let’s Partner Up

Whether you’re a BPO seeking efficiency or a headhunter hunting for top talent, Algobash is your ultimate solution. Algobash offers flexibility through various partnership models. Let’s embark on a journey to redefine your hiring experience. Partner with Algobash today and witness the difference firsthand.

Let's work together: Competency Test for BPOs and Headhunters

How is this partnership beneficial for both parties?

Revenue sharing opportunities

Collaborating with Algobash can open avenues for revenue sharing, providing additional income streams for BPOs.

Stronger collaboration

Partnering with Algobash fosters stronger collaboration between BPOs and the assessment platform, leading to synergistic outcomes.

Expanded market reach

By integrating Algobash’s solutions, BPOs can capture a greater market share and reach a wider pool of clients, enhancing their business growth.

Enhanced competitiveness

Working with Algobash equips BPOs with cutting-edge assessment tools, boosting their competitiveness in the industry.

Experience the power of our assessment platform for all job vacancies.

Algobash end-to-end Assessment
Algobash end-to-end Assessment