Cheating Prevention

Ensuring Integrity in Online Assessments with Advanced Cheating Prevention

With state-of-the-art technology, including webcam monitoring and IP tracking, we ensure a secure and fair testing environment

Why do we need advanced cheating prevention?

A survey conducted by the Educational Testing Service (ETS)  found that 75% of college students admitted to cheating at least once during their academic careers. Furthermore, 85% of students believed cheating was necessary to get ahead in their studies.

Educational Testing Service. (2012). Academic Integrity in College and Graduate School: A Survey of 4,500 Students

Cheating Prevention Pencegahan Kecurangan
Cheating Prevention Pencegahan Kecurangan

Webcam and Screen Snapshot Monitoring

Algobash Proctoring Solution employs advanced technology to monitor candidates throughout the assessment. Our system captures webcam footage and screen snapshots, providing real-time monitoring to prevent cheating and ensure the integrity of the assessment process.

Tracking IP and Browser Details

To further bolster cheating prevention measures, we track the IP addresses and browser details of test takers. By monitoring these parameters, we ensure the validity of each test session, preventing unauthorized access and fraudulent behavior.

Copy and Mouse Action Tracker for Comprehensive Cheating Monitoring

Our solution includes a copy and mouse action tracker, enabling comprehensive cheating prevention. By monitoring candidate actions such as copying content or unusual mouse behavior, we can detect and deter cheating attempts effectively, maintaining the integrity of the assessment.

Unique Link for Each Participant for Secure Cheating Prevention

Every participant receives a unique link to access the assessment securely. This personalized approach enhances cheating prevention by minimizing the risk of unauthorized access and ensuring that each test taker undergoes a fair and controlled examination process.

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