NOBI: A New Approach To Economic Equality

NOBI is a crypto asset management platform. They focus on innovation to provide various services with convenience and secure flow. NOBI has become the top option for those who prefer long crypto investment games. As investors, you can diversify your holdings into multiple shortlisted cryptocurrencies

Lawrence Samantha is the soul who founded NOBI in 2018. In only less than 4 years, NOBI has managed crypto assets worth more than IDR 1 trillion and achieved numerous fintech awards.

The Future Investing

During its three years of operation, NOBI has issued three main products. Those are NOBI Earn, NOBI Pro, and NOBI Trade.

  • NOBI Earn allows investors to earn competitive interest from a wide selection of coins.
  • NOBI Pro offers a variety of Automated Trading strategies with a pre-built designed portfolio. These portfolios are managed by NOBI’s trusted and professional strategy makers.
  • NOBI Trade helps investors in buying and selling crypto assets in just a second.

NOBI managed to answer the needs of long-term investment through crypto asset savings. By expanding access to high-quality cryptocurrency investments, NOBI helps promote economic equality.

Honesty, Smart Innovators, dan Hungry

NOBI continues to strengthen its team to deliver the best solution to the market. There are three main DNAs that every NOBI employee must have:

  • Honesty: to always show integrity and be communicative in their work. Fun fact Honest is NOBI’s coin name.
  • Smart Innovators: this means everyone is a realistic dreamer and problem solver.
  • Hungry: NOBI highly values ​​high curiosity and enthusiasm for learning.

These values are the main reasons why NOBI will thrive as a leader in crypto asset management.

But first, Who’s Hungry For Knowledge?

The sweet spot to NOBI’s talent acquisition heart is if you’re hungry for knowledge. You need to be always curious and have a high enthusiasm for learning.

“We will definitely recruit candidates who have high curiosity and eagerness to learn.“

Those who are not satisfied with their today skills will continue to thrive. With that, talents will undoubtedly produce innovative and active work that brings NOBI to the next step.

Finding Talent Efficiently

NOBI has teamed up with Algobash as a way for a faster talent shortlisting process. Algobash as a pre-employment assessment tool provides general tests and technical skill tests.

One of the most actively used features is the Algobash coding test. NOBI can easily assess candidates’ coding skills for both backend and frontend developers.

NOBI also plans to use Algobash to recruit other roles such as accounting and data engineers.

“We believe Algobash can always support NOBI’s needs with continuous development in Algobash.“