Xtremax: Delivering Simple Solutions Through Powerful Developments

Xtremax is the pioneer of cloud technology service providers in South East Asia. Founded by James Leong and Denise Kee in Singapore 19 years ago, the company has grown to 600 employees in South East Asia and Australia. To date, Xtremax has participated in over 500 projects and won over 40 awards.

Competent And Established Development Team

Enhancing technology and innovation is the key to keeping Xtremax as a leader in its field. As a result, their development team is one of the most capable and mature teams.

Based on our conversation with the Xtremax Indonesia Human Resources team, the Xtremax development team is split into the backend and frontend teams. Each has a career path as a tech lead and development manager.

A Supportive Place For All Teams From Various Departments

One of Xtremax’s strategies to always provide the best service to its customers is to sustain the quality of its development team. Thus, you can look forward to Xtremax as a place for you to broaden your knowledge.

“Teammates may learn not only to align with what they’re doing. But also right-left or horizontal-vertically with a fun and young environment.”

Learning is a must. Every month, there’s a sharing session among the departments. Each member may complement their knowledge with something new, or even sharpen it. The sharing session was hosted by teams from other countries too! All around Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

Utilize Technology To Capture Top Talent Effectively

Xtremax’s business continues to expand along with the need for talented developers which is growing exponentially. One way Xtremax can achieve a precise and rapid recruitment process is to use Algobash as an assessment platform.

“Effective and efficient. We’re capable to cut out some unnecessary processes, so it becomes more efficient. Effective because we can assess many participants in one go.”

Algobash boosts Xtremax’s recruitment speed with much more accurate and massive results. We ensure reliability and safety to offer the best experience for applicants as well. Xtremax managed to increase talent growth by 30% with a seamless process with Algobash — both for the recruiters and also the candidates.

We’ve been trusted by Xtremax Indonesia since 2021. The HR team is one of the departments that use Algobash the most, to process and monitor .NET, JAVA, PHP, and Quality Assurance candidates. Starting from assessing only Xtremax Indonesia candidates, now we have been trusted to assess candidates from Singapore, Malaysia, and others.

The Power Of Simple

“Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.” – Steve Jobs.

With dedication, expertise, and passion, Xtremax has been enabling companies to transform their digital presence for more than a decade. The main goal is always to create simple solutions for difficult problems.

This value is reflected in the company’s core values. Xtremax is also committed to supporting its employees to have a productive and simplified workflow. This common value is what gives Xtremax confidence in Algobash in its process of recruiting software developer candidates.

One of Algobash’s features that Xtremax uses is our coding test. It’s a simple and effective solution for the company’s needs. Xtremax can filter fresh qualified talents more easily.

“A simple solution is a solution that has gone through a long and mature process. That is the value embedded in Xtremax and reflected in the Algobash platform.”