Algobash and Fore Case Study

Fore Coffee: New Innovations to Advance the Local Coffee Industry

Fore Coffee is a coffee retail startup that has succeeded in serving high-quality coffee products using the latest technology and the best blends. Since its establishment in 2018, Fore Coffee has continued to create various innovations that can provide new experiences and standards for customers to enjoy a cup of coffee.

Empowering the Local Coffee Farmers

Not only providing new experiences and standards for consumers in enjoying their coffee products.

Fore Coffee is also trying to advance the Indonesian coffee industry. They have the determination to grow like a forest that gives life.

After 4 years of existence, Fore Coffee has contributed to the growing ecosystem of coffee farmers in Indonesia by choosing distributors from local farmers.

Value Fits are the Key to the Team

It is undeniable, the success achieved by Fore Coffee today is the result of the genius and sweat of the great team behind it.

Fore Coffee has a team full of passionate employees. Every member not only has high competence according to their respective positions but also has a value that fits with Fore Coffee. This makes them continue to grow until now.

Creating a solid team is certainly not easy, Fore Coffee requires a mature strategy for all sides. Including when recruiting tech talent for their engineering team.

Creating a Solid Engineer Team to Increase Innovation

Fore Coffee has created various great technological innovations that can make it easier for consumers to enjoy a cup of coffee. The engineering team plays a big role in this situation. That is why Fore Coffee has the ambition to recruit tech talents who have qualified skills.

To achieve this, Fore Coffee collaborates with Algobash to recruit tech talent to be more effective and efficient. Algobash itself is a platform that provides various pre-employment tests for general and technical positions including IT.

One of Algobash’s most frequently used features by Fore Coffee is the coding test. Through this feature, they can test the candidate’s coding skills and knowledge.

The Algobash platform is the right choice for Fore Coffee since we can help shortlist candidates more easily and quickly but remain objective, this is following their core values.