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Maximize Pre-Employment Tests By Avoid These 3 Mistakes

The recruitment process must be carried out carefully. This is because recruitment is the starting point for companies to find out which candidates are qualified to join the vacancies. That’s why there are so many strategies that companies do just to find the right candidate. One of them is by giving a pre-employment test.

The pre-employment test is an assessment to test candidates on several things such as technical skills, culture fit, personality, and so on. Many advantages can be obtained by applying this test, one of which makes it easier for the recruiter team to find good-fit candidates.

However, the pre-employment test can provide many advantages. Often recruiters forget to pay attention to several things that lead to mistakes and make the recruitment process not go well. This certainly does not want to happen to your organization, does it?

To anticipate mistakes that might occur when running a pre-employment test. In this article Algobash has summarized some of the most common errors and how to avoid them. If you’re curious, don’t forget to read more information below.

Top 3 mistakes in pre-employment test

1. Choose the wrong pre-employment test

When you want to give a test to a candidate, you can’t go wrong in choosing what type of test to give. This is very important to do so that recruitment runs efficiently and decision-making is more strategic.

Even though the validity of the test given can be proven, it will still mean nothing if it is not related to the job position the candidate is applying for. This makes the candidate’s value that you know will be very biased when compared to giving a suitable test.

Many things can be explored about candidates through pre-employment tests ranging from cognitive knowledge, technical skills, culture fit, personality, and much more. To find out all of these things, of course, can’t only be obtained through the same test. You have to provide a different kind of test that is appropriate to measure it.

For example, when you want to measure the personality of a participant you cannot give a technical skill test. Vice versa, you cannot give a personality test to measure the technical skills of the candidate. Giving an inappropriate pre-employment test will make the final result not objective and can cause an error in assessment. Worse yet, this can lead to bad hiring.

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To avoid this, you must know in advance what things you want to extract from candidates that can be used as a basis for reference in recruiting, then determine what approach will be taken to measure it. Know the characteristics and benefits of various types of pre-employment tests to make your selection easier.

3. Have too high expectations

There’s nothing wrong with having high standards for candidates, but expecting too high a pre-employment test to get the right results is wrong. It is true, that pre-employment tests can predict several things about a candidate and their suitability for the job. However, this does not necessarily mean that this test can give an accurate result.

But even so, according to a study conducted by the National Bureau of Economics, the pre-employment test is one of the most effective predictive criteria for recruitment. So, you can still use the pre-employment test as one of the basic measurements in recruitment. Of course, by still considering other things such as interviews, achievements, and experience to conduct a more objective assessment so as not to end up with bad hiring.

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3. Using the wrong assessment tools

The last mistake that often occurs in pre-employment tests is not using the right assessment tools. This is certainly very influential on the test measurement results. To get around this, you must first know the ins and outs of the assessment tools that will be used. Make sure that the assessment tools have been tested for validity and reliability.

Currently, many assessment tools can be used as a measuring tool to test several candidate criteria. One example is the automatic coding assessment tool from Algobash. Through this tool, you can find out more about the candidate’s technical skills by giving an accurate test.

So, those are some of the fatal mistakes that often occur when implementing a pre-employment test. From now on, try to pay attention to every detail regarding the implementation of the pre-employment test to achieve the objectives that have been set by the company at the beginning to find the best candidates.

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