How Workplace Diversity and Inclusivity Matters

How Workplace Diversity and Inclusivity Matters

Workplace diversity is now becoming a common thing and is often applied by many companies in the world. Many goals underlie this, but one of the fundamental ones is to recruit the best people regardless of religion, ethnicity, gender, race, or sexual orientation.

Another reason why workplace diversity is familiar to some companies is that the world is currently very developed. Many organizations are starting to open up to accepting different groups into one team. Of course this is an extraordinary thing because from a business perspective, workplace diversity can provide many benefits.

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The reason why workplace diversity is important

Building workplace diversity doesn’t just give the impression that your company has many members with different backgrounds. Much more than that, workplace diversity can have a big impact that can move the company forward and develop.

This has been stated by Taylor Cox and Blake Stacy, they reveal that embracing more diversity in the workplace can provide a more competitive advantage. At least, six advantages can be felt by the company with this, namely:

1. Workplace diversity help to reduce company expenses

A company that has a good system in handling employee diversity in the workplace is less likely to get a lawsuit related to discrimination. That is why workplace diversity is very important to be applied in various companies.

Building diversity can make companies more accustomed to implementing a strong anti-discrimination and tolerance policy. This is an opportunity for the company to reduce some bad possibilities that may occur in the future including paying compensation costs due to discrimination.

In addition, based on research conducted by Williams K and O’Reilly, companies that accept diversity well can also reduce employee turnover from minorities and women when compared to other companies that do not value it at all.

High employee turnover, of course, provides many losses, one of which can affect employee morale. Those who survive may experience anxiety because one by one their teammates leave, resulting in decreased motivation and work productivity. In addition, you also have to carry out a re-recruitment process with a high enough cost to replace the position of the departing employee.

2. The acquisition of resources is increasing

Human capital is very important for the company. With this, humans and what they have such as knowledge, skills, skills, and so on can be managed as capital that can provide benefits for the company.

Companies with a high diversity of course can attract candidates outside the company who come from minorities and women. Where according to research conducted by L. A. Thomas and Taylor, G.A., women, and minorities have higher motivation to pursue big careers and have an interest in companies that implement workplace diversity.

When a company accepts a more diverse workforce, it increases the chances of recruiting high-quality candidates.

3. Workplace diversity help marketing becomes wider

By having diverse employees, the company can expand its marketing more broadly. Yes, companies will get many perspectives on consumer preferences from different cultures because they have employees with different backgrounds.

In addition, the company’s brand image that respects diversity will be better in public and this of course can attract new customers.

4. System flexibility

Diversity in the workplace can also give rise to cognitive flexibility in every employee in your company. This is because they will get used to mingling with each other and respecting each other’s different values, attitudes, and beliefs.

Cognitive flexibility that grows in each employee can create system flexibility in the company. Group interactions will be more effective and flow smoothly. Every employee can respect differences of opinion or ideas expressed by other employees.

5. Workplace diversity Increased creativity and problem-solving

Finally, diversity in the workplace will also greatly affect the creativity and problem-solving of the team. Each employee will have different perspectives and ideas from each other, and this will certainly make it easier for the company to create new, more creative innovations.

Well, those are some of the reasons why workplace diversity is very important for companies. Very interesting isn’t it? If you are interested in reading more information, visit Algobash Insight to find articles on recruitment and technology.

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