How to Retain The Best Employees With a Stay Interview

How to Retain The Best Employees With a Stay Interview

How to Retain The Best Employees With a Stay Interview – Finding the best talent is indeed difficult, but keeping employees working at the company is also not easy. According to data, every month there are 3.49 million workers in America leaving their jobs in 2021.

Losing potential employees will certainly have various impacts that can hinder the development of a company. Moreover, finding new candidates to fill vacancies in previous employee positions will cost twice as much as keeping them.

That is why you must have a qualified management system to retain the best employees so they don’t resign quickly. One way that can be done is through the stay interview method.

Then, what is a stay interview? Why can it be said as a way to retain the best employees? Well, for those of you who want to know more information, read the following review.

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What is a Stay Interview?

You may be familiar with exit interviews that are conducted when an employee decides to resign. Stay interview is the opposite, it is to keep employees from leaving.

Stay interview is a way to keep the best employees working for the company by conducting an interview. The manager will conduct a sharing session with several potential employees by asking several things related to aspects of the company that needs to be improved.

Employees will be asked to express their job satisfaction by expressing their aspirations or opinions regarding the company as to what they like and don’t like when working.

Through this method, you can help motivate employees. Besides that you can also understand what factors can make them stop working for the company. This allows you to improve various aspects that are still lacking in the company. The goal is to make employees feel at home working so that turnover can be reduced and retention rates can be increased.

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What are The Benefits of a Stay Interview?

There are several advantages that your company can get by conducting a stay interview. Some of these benefits are as follows:

1. Building Employee Trust and Loyalty

By conducting a stay interview, employees will feel appreciated because their aspirations for the company are heard. This can increase employee loyalty and trust so that they can work longer at your company.

2. Overcoming Some Problems In The Company

Stay interviews can help you track problems that may occur in the company. That way, you can immediately do some things to overcome them as early as possible before these problems become fatal and difficult to overcome.

3. Improving the Quality of the Employee’s Work Environment

The work environment is one of the biggest factors that affect the survival or failure of an employee. However, company leaders may find it a little difficult to know thoroughly how the work environment that occurs in the company, whether good or not.

By doing a stay interview, you can find out the state of the work environment and the problems that occur in it. This can help make it easier for you to immediately improve the quality of the employee’s work environment.

4. Improving Employee Motivation and Job Satisfaction

Stay interviews will make employees feel seen and their aspirations heard, this can increase their work motivation because they feel supported by the company. In this way, employee productivity and quality of work will continue to increase. This will help them feel deeper job satisfaction.

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How to Retain the Best Employees With Stay Interviews?

Potential employees are a very valuable asset. In other words, employees are one of the factors that determine the success of a business running the company. That’s why you should use the stay interview method as a way to retain the best employees.

Well, for those of you who want to know how to apply for a stay interview. Here we provide some effective strategies for conducting stay interviews as a way to effectively retain the best employees you can do!

This is How to Retain the Best Employees With Stay Interviews:

1. Knowing when is the right time to do a stay interview

To carry out a stay interview, you must know in advance when is the right time to run it so that it is more effective. To make sure when the time is right, you have to be sensitive to the employees.

You can do a stay interview during the first month of work for a new employee. Even though they have just joined the team, new employees are also very vulnerable to resigning. You can do a stay interview several times in the first year to ensure their comfort while working.

In addition to conducting stay interviews with new employees, you can also do this activity with other employees every year to ascertain how the problems, motivations, and other things are faced by employees. 

The purpose of doing this is to monitor the progress of employees and overcome some of the problems they are facing.

You can also do a stay interview at any time when you see an employee who has signs of resigning. For example, when they are not too involved in a project carried out by their team and others for quite a long time.

2. Hold One on One Session with Employees 

After knowing when is the right time to carry out a stay interview, the next thing you have to do is choose what method to carry it out. 

You can choose to do a formal or informal stay interview, besides that you can also do it openly for all teams and individuals or one in one session. You can customize the form of the interview according to the company’s needs.

However, the one-on-one session was more effective because the stay interview was conducted intensely with one of the employees. 

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3. Ask Some Questions 

When conducting a stay interview, ask employees some meaningful questions. The stay interview should ask several things regarding the current situation that employees feel or face, such as what they like or don’t like regarding their role, company, co-workers, boss, and so on. 

In addition, you should also ask about their aspirations regarding their ideas and future developments. 

4. Listen to All Employees’ Aspirations 

The very important thing for you to do during a stay interview is to listen to all the aspirations issued by employees. 

This is the real concept and purpose of a stay interview, which is to find out what employees feel while working related to the environment, culture, co-workers, company, and so on. 

Listening to the aspirations of employees will help you to retain them. Employees will feel more valued for their role in the company so that it will grow productivity, loyalty, and motivation to work. 

Well, that’s some information related to the best way to do a stay interview. Hopefully, all the things that Algobash has provided above can be useful for you.

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