Algobash Pemenang SheHacks 2023

Algobash: SheHacks 2023 Winner

Algobash had the honor of representing all the great women as the winner in the SheHacks 2023 competition. SheHacks is a program dedicated to the empowerment of women in various aspects, from entrepreneurship to technology, fully supported by Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison.

Empowering Women in Technology Through SheHacks

SheHacks is an initiative that aims to empower women in the tech industry through coaching, training, and competition. With a focus on the advancement of entrepreneurship, education, economy, and innovation, the program provides a platform for participants to hone their technical skills and develop innovative solutions. Supported by Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison, SheHacks is a platform for women to explore their potential in the world of technology.

Algobash’s Commitment as SheHacks 2023 Winner: Equal Opportunity and Gender

Through SheHacks 2023, Algobash successfully organized the DevUprising 2023 programming competition that provided employment opportunities to more than 650 people, including 108 female participants in STEM fields.

Algobash believes that gender equality and equal opportunity in the workforce should always be upheld. The Algobash team is committed to setting an example of how diversity and inclusivity can lead to better innovation and support the development of the tech industry as a whole.

By becoming a gender equality ambassador, Algobash hopes to inspire the female community, emphasizing that every individual has the potential to succeed in tech, regardless of gender or background.

A Victory for All Women’s Communities

Algobash’s win at SheHacks 2023 is for all women in Indonesia. This achievement shows that with dedication, ability, and equal opportunity, women have the potential to compete and even excel in the tech industry. It is hoped that Algobash’s success will encourage more women to pursue a career in technology, thus creating gender equality and more equal opportunities for all women in Indonesia.

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