How to Build Strategic Social Media Recruitment Process

How to Build Strategic Social Media Recruitment Process

How to Build Strategic Social Media Recruitment Process – Recruitment strategy is dynamic and always evolving all the time. Currently, many strategies that you can use to screen the best talent. One of them is to use a recruitment strategy through social media.

Yes, currently social media has a very large role in almost all aspects of life, not only in the world of work. Social media is a fairly effective means of finding potential employees who you can invite to join your company.

However, recruiting through social media has many challenges that must face. That is why companies must be able to build a strategic recruitment process.

Many ways you can do to build a recruitment process through social media with a strategy. If you want to know what the strategy are, check out more information below.

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5 ways to build a strategic social media recruitment process

Following this, Algobash has presented several ways that you can do to create a strategic recruitment process:

1. Set goals and make a mature strategy

Before carrying out the recruitment process through social media, the first thing to do is to know the goals you want to achieve first and then create a strategy to make them happen.

You won’t be able to figure out what kind of strategy to use if you don’t have a goal.

To find out what goals the company wants to achieve from recruiting through social media, you must be able to answer the following questions:

  • What kind of candidate does the company want to recruit?
  • What social platforms can companies use?
  • What kind of job description should the company input and provide?
  • How will the company source or develop recruits?

Answer some of the questions above to find out what strategies can be used in the future so that recruitment through social media can be more effective.

In addition to asking some of the things above, you can also add other questions so that the strategy that is built is much more mature. For example, does the company want to increase the number of applicants? shorten recruitment time? attract more candidates? or other things to be achieved.

Use metrics that can help you measure your goals or achievements, then see if the strategies you are using are working or not. You can measure it with several recruitment KPIs such as:

  • Time spent each time recruiting one applicant
  • Costs incurred for each time recruitment
  • Engagement from the social media used
  • How many clicks on the recruitment page on the company’s social media
  • Bid acceptance rate
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2. Know the ideal candidate you want to net

As previously mentioned, knowing what kind of candidate you want to recruit is very important to know and is one of the goals that must be achieved.

Find out what the ideal candidate’s experience, personality, and skills are suitable for the job position the company is looking for. Knowing all of these things will certainly make it easier for you to make the recruitment process better and more specific.

To find out all of these things is quite easy to do using social media. You can see if a candidate applying is suitable or not by how they represent their values ​​or themselves online on their social media.

3. See how competitors do social media presence

The next thing you can do is do competitor research if you have one. Look at how they have an online presence through their social media.

If competitors have good engagement through recruitment on their social media, then learn how they share recruitment posts, what platforms they use, and so on. However, if they don’t have good engagement, you also have to keep learning what mistakes they made.

4. Identify employer branding before publishing it on social media

When recruiting through social media, employer branding is of course very important. This will help you to attract more attention from potential candidates because the company has a good image or reputation.

Before sharing employer branding on social media, you must first identify it. Make sure that any posts that will be published whether it’s a job vacancy or something else can reflect the employer branding that your company builds.

Some of the things you can do to improve employer branding in your company’s social media presence are as follows:

  • Share discussions on equality and inclusion in the workplace honestly
  • Salary and benefit transparency
  • Share special company events and team building activities
  • Sharing involvement in social activities

In addition to the things above, many other things can be done to improve employer branding, make sure whatever you share on social media can represent your company’s employer branding.

5. Measure, optimize, and iterate!

The last way that can be done to build the recruitment process through social media more effectively is to measure every achievement that your company has achieved. Do this gradually to find out where the weaknesses or strengths of the company’s strategy are.

Knowing the measurable results will certainly make it easier for you to determine new strategies that are more effective and follow recruitment needs.

So, those are some ways that can be done to build a more effective recruitment process through social media. If you are interested in other interesting information about recruitment and technology, visit our blog Algobash Insight and find a variety of articles that you can read.

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