How to Build Effective Remote Working

How to Build Effective Remote Working

In a pandemic situation like now remote working has become a new trend that has been applied by many companies. This method allows professionals to do every job remotely without having to come to the office.

Remote working has many benefits, one of which can save high recruitment costs, increase productivity, and can find professionals with rare skills in your area.

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However, remote working is not an easy thing to do. Especially if your company has never had the same experience before. Many challenges can be faced when deciding to implement this method of working.

To implement the maximum remote working, you will face several challenges such as how to build a brand image online, find the best candidate for the company, and many more.

But you don’t have to worry, in this article Algobash will provide some tips or guidelines for building effective remote work; from recruiting and experimenting remotely to how to retain them.

Strategies for finding the right candidate for remote working

The first thing when deciding to do remote work is to find a suitable candidate. So how do you find it? here are some things you can do:

1. Build a strong employer branding online

Employer branding is a way that can be done to improve the company’s brand image. So that it is more prominent and has a good reputation as a comfortable and best workplace for employees. In simple terms, employer branding aims to attract candidates to join the company.

Having a good company reputation will certainly make it easier for you to attract the attention of potential candidates outside the company. Especially if you want to look for candidates remotely, then create strong branding online because usually, they will check digital companies.

Every company must have a digital platform such as social media or a website. Make sure the platform shows that your company is highly trusted and comfortable to work with. You can also look at the company culture and help them visualize if they are part of the organization.

Several way can be done to give the impression of a good reputation online:
  • Describe how your company works.
  • Show testimonials of your company’s employees.
  • Occasionally share your company’s activities while having employee meetings.
  • Demonstrate values ​​that define your company’s culture.

Try to follow some of the steps above. You can also do other useful things that can improve the company’s reputation online. In essence, the better the reputation you have, the more candidates will want to apply for your company.

2. Use the right platform to advertise remote working vacancies

After building a good reputation online, the next way to find potential candidates is to market job advertisements. There are so many platforms that you can use and you can choose one of them. What is clear is that the selection must be following the objectives that have been built from the beginning.

You can take advantage of job portals specifically for finding remote workers such as FlexJobs, Weworkremotely, Working Nomads, and many more. However, if you want to search for candidates in specific locations, then use local platforms to attract more candidates in your desired area.

There is no limit in choosing which platforms can be used to advertise job vacancies. You can even use mainstream job portals like LinkedIn, the important thing is that you explain that the vacancy is for remote work.

3. Use an effective and efficient recruitment tools

After getting many applications from various candidates. The next thing to do is to carry out a strategic and effective recruitment process to choose which candidates fit the company. This stage is very crucial, do it right to avoid bad hiring.

The success of the remote recruitment process is highly dependent on the tools used. Take advantage of tools that are effective and easy to use when conducting a video interview. You also can use assessment tools so that the recruitment process can be more objective by evaluating the hard skills and soft skills that candidates have.

You can use Algobash to conduct the interview process and assess technical skills, and culture fit. Algobash has a pre-record interview feature to select the candidate’s value in just minutes without face to face. The feature can make the early-stage recruitment process more efficient in shortlisting candidates.

How do retain remote working employees?

The last thing to do when implementing remote working is to retain the selected candidates to work remotely with your company. There are two ways you can do this:

1. Designing fair and attractive compensation

When hiring professionals remotely, you are not providing the same compensation as employees who work directly at the company. You may not be able to seduce them with a lot of snacks in the pantry or a billiard table installed in the office. After all, they wouldn’t be interested in it.

Give an attractive and fair compensation, it will attract candidates to join. Find out what they need, for example, if you work remotely, you must provide a salary that is following the place where he works. You also have to provide other compensation such as a cellular data plan or something else.

Think about what compensation will keep the candidate working at your company.

2. Give a useful offers

To retain employees who work remotely you must also provide them with attractive offers. You must be very understanding about this. The attractive offers that you can provide are:

  • Health Insurance
  • Career path
  • Professional development
  • Membership in coworking spaces
  • Vacation plans
  • Give them some tools they can use for work, etc

Those are some of the efforts you can do to build remote working. Try to follow the above few steps carefully if you want effective remote working. Remote working employees are the same as employees who work directly in your company office. Build a culture that is fair and can respect every employee even if they don’t work under the same roof.

If you are interested in reading other interesting information, don’t forget to visit Algobash Insight and find articles about recruitment and technology.

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