Coding Test for IT talent

Coding test: Is It Mandatory For IT Talent Recruitment?

Why do recruiters in Indonesia have to implement a coding test? Almost all aspects of our lives today are connected to the internet; from the way we commute to taking the college entrance exam. Then why is your company’s IT talent recruitment process still using the same-old methods? Is there a stigma associated with coding test? Let’s look into it more.

What type of coding test should you implement?

There are already several coding test platforms that you can choose from – of course one of them is The most typical coding test is divided into two types:

  • Live coding; directly test the candidates’ competency with your company’s end users.
  • Take home test; assess set of questions that must be completed within a particular time frame to test the candidates’ competency.

Does it mean that live coding is better, because end users can immediately provide definite results? According to research that candidates dislikes and feels pressured by a live coding method, so the results may not reflecting their best effort. That’s a reason why take home test is more preferable for your candidates.

Whichever method you choose, both have the same goal, which is to find suitable candidates’ competency to fill those vacant seats in your company. You want to be able to measure candidates’ ability to think logically and quickly under pressure.

So what are the advantages of implementing a coding test?

Prevent you from practicing bad hiring

Of course, neither the firm nor you as a recruiter want to make mistakes while making hiring decisions. In truth, corporations not only lose money when they miss out on hiring potential individuals, but they may also lose a lot of money if they choose the wrong people.

Discover hidden talents

Many companies look for the best candidates by screening each candidate’s educational and occupational background. But what about programmers who are unable to pursue a prestigious formal education but have possess a strong programming spirit? By establishing an objective system, you can actually select candidates based on their programming skills. No longer based on assumptions.

Save company resources

Some of the advantages in terms of firm resource efficiency are as follows:

  • Your end users can do more important work
    How frequently has your Engineering Manager or Head of Engineering grown tired of conducting the same technical interviews?
    By using take home test coding test, end users will need to assign the suitable set of questions for the related positions. End users will need to analyze those who passed the passing grade score.
    Now, your end users can focus on more critical duties.
  • Make it simple for HR or Talent Acquisition to do their jobs
    HR and Talent Acquisition should focus on the candidate search process and enlarge the talent pool.
    An automated scoring system allows anyone in your company to see the candidate’s competence in a measurable and objective way.
  • Saving time
    Of course, using the assessment procedure eliminates the need for lengthy and exhausting interviews.
  • Comprehensive report
    A report that can serve as a form of responsibility from the recruiter is an extra benefit.
  • Save on recruitment costs
    Your company has indirectly saved costs for the recruitment process by allocating your employees to a more relevant tasks.

Fact or Myth: Coding test is an expensive investment

The majority of today’s coding tests are produced in the United States and India, with uniform costs and support for international markets.

Fact: If you use one of these platform solutions, the fee charged to your company may account for the majority of your recruitment budget.

Myth: If you use Algobash as a more cost-effective choice with characteristics comparable to other solutions in the Indonesian recruitment ecosystem

No need to worry about your limited technical or programming knowledge. Algobash as a native Indonesian company, we provide chat assistance during Indonesian business hours and have an easy-to-use interface while adopting standard procedures with proven outcomes.

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