Benefits of Employer Branding for Your Company

Benefits of Employer Branding for Your Company

Benefits of Employer Branding for Your Company Many companies want the best candidates to join them. However, realizing it or not recruiting him is now increasingly difficult. One of the reasons for this is the intense competition in the job market in today’s era. Many top talents prefer other companies that have a high and good reputation. To overcome this, there is one important thing that must be done by companies, namely improving employer branding.

You may be familiar with employer branding or at least have heard of the term. Employer branding is an effort made to attract the best talent to apply to your company. This will make it easier for you to recruit the best workers amid intense hiring competition.

Many strategies can be done to build good employer branding. However, before going further, discuss how to build it. You must first get acquainted with basic information that you may not know about employer branding. Knowing all of this information will help make it easier for you to build your employer branding optimally and strategically.

So what is employer branding? Why is it so important for the company? Well, for those of you who want to know more information, in this article Algobash presents an in-depth discussion about employer branding.

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What is Employer Branding?

In simple terms, employer branding can be said as an effort made by the company to create a good organizational image in the eyes of employees and prospective employees so that they feel comfortable when they work.

Some goals and benefits can be achieved from the concept of employer branding. One of them is to provide work comfort for employees in the company and to attract prospective employees while helping the recruitment process to make it easier to get the best candidates while retaining them. them when they join. However, in this article Algobash will discuss the second goal.

The higher the reputation of the employer branding, the higher the interest of top talent to join your company. To increase a positive image in the eyes of prospective employees means that companies must improve their employer branding. Such as by highlighting some important things such as a comfortable and promising workplace, attractive benefits provided, providing a clear career path, and so on.

Why is Employer Branding Important for Your Companies?

Every company wants to have a good image in the eyes of anyone including consumers, clients, employees, and prospective employees. A good reputation will help the company to grow. That is why employer branding is very important to do.

As mentioned earlier, there will be many good benefits from a good company reputation. Some of these benefits are as follows:

5 Benefits of Employer Branding

1. Assist in the recruitment of potential new employees

The first thing your company can get from employer branding is to help screen and recruit potential new employees. Having good employer branding will attract many candidates to join so this will make it easier for you to select who is suitable for the company.

94% of prospective employees will check the reputation of the company to be applied for, if they find the company has a good image then they are likely to apply for it too. On the other hand, if the company has a bad image, few will apply for it.

Not only that, but strong employer branding can also attract the attention of top talent.

2. Save on recruitment costs

The second reason that makes employer branding very important is that it can save on recruitment costs. Based on research conducted by LinkedIn, having bad employer branding can add up to approximately 10% of expenses when doing recruitment. However, by having strong employer branding, you don’t have to worry about that.

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3. Reduce promotion or advertising costs

Having a good reputation can also save you money on promoting or advertising your company. Prospective employees will find out things related to your company if the company is known to have strong employer branding. This will attract them to join.

4. Maintain loyalty and increase employe engagement

Whether you agree or not, all companies want the loyalty of their employees. By increasing employer branding, your organization can achieve this.

One of the requirements to create strong employer branding is to provide comfort for employees when working. If they feel comfortable and love their job at your company, they are less likely to turn to look for a new job at another company.

In addition, employees will also feel comfortable and more productive in carrying out each task this can make the company more advanced and developed.

5. Employees can promote the company

The last benefit that your company can get when you have strong employer branding will make employees who work at your company talk about or inform their company’s advantages to their colleagues, whether family, friends or others. This is a great benefit because they indirectly promote the company for free. This method can make many people know the good image of your company.

Well, that’s the information that Algobash can convey about some important things you should know about employer branding. Hopefully this information can be useful. If you want to find out more information about recruitment, don’t forget to visit our blog Algobash Insight.

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