What Is Social Media Recruitment and Why Does It Matter?

What Is Social Media Recruitment and Why Does It Matter?

Social media is one of the important things in various aspects of life today, including the recruitment process. Today, social media is an effective platform that you can use to find and recruit potential candidates.

To take advantage of social media in the process of looking for prospective employees, whether it’s entry-level or senior positions, companies must have a social media presence as well as a strong strategy to attract their interest.

However, before discussing further what strategies you can apply when recruiting through social media. It’s good to understand this recruitment method first.

So, for those of you who want to know, read more information in the following review.

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What is Social Media Recruitment?

As the name implies, social media recruitment is a method or method of recruitment using social media platforms whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and so on to find the right prospective employees according to the company.

In other words, you can use social media to advertise job vacancies, find new candidates, and recruit potential people.

Today, social media is a very popular platform in the search for new candidates to fill vacancies in companies. Quoted from CareerArc, 92% of companies use social media to recruit candidates.

This number is higher than other methods that are often used today, such as employee references, job boards, and even job vacancies.

Is Social Media Recruitment Effective?

As previously mentioned, 92% of companies use social media to recruit talent. This number shows that many use social media as an effective means to carry out the recruitment process.

Quoted from the same website, namely Career Arc, there are around 86% of job seekers who use social media to find work, apply directly to vacancies that are shared on social media, interact with content about work, and many others.

Not only that, a survey conducted by Jobvite in 2019 showed that 35% of respondents learned about new job vacancies through social media and 49% of young respondents preferred social media to find work compared to others.

In the eyes of recruiters, social media is also a very important thing to use. This can be proven by a survey conducted by SHRM to HR professionals. Which shows that currently there are around 84% of companies that use social media for recruitment.

The same thing was also expressed by Betterteam, in their research, around 70% of hiring managers have successfully conducted social media recruitment and 80% of employers said that this has also led them to get passive candidates.

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Benefits of Social Media Recruitment for Your Company

1. Can connect with more potential candidates

In addition to candidates who are actively applying for jobs, social media can also help to find more potential candidates. One of which is passive candidates that you can’t get only by using old methods. Such as advertising job vacancies through job boards.

2. Save time and cost of recruitment

Time and money are one of the most valuable things for a company. Using the old method is no longer efficient. You can use social media for a faster recruitment process and reduce company costs.

Through social media, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to post sponsored job vacancies on job boards or other things that can erode company funds.

3. Can show strong employer branding

Finding the right candidate through social media means that companies must build strong employer branding in the eyes of prospective employees.

When companies carry out this strategy, this will be a plus in the future. Many people will know your company has a good reputation.

Moreover, many potential candidates are more interested in applying to companies that have strong employer branding compared to companies that do not.

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Well, that’s the information about social media recruitment and why it’s important to do it. If you want more information, you can visit Algobash Insight to find articles on recruitment and technology.

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