What Is a Coding Test and How It Affects Recruitment Process

What Is a Coding Test and How It Affects Recruitment Process

What is a Coding Test and How It Affects Your Recruitment Process – Many think that recruiting a developer requires a fairly complex process. This assumption is a natural thing, considering that after all, every recruiter would want the best candidate who can be invited to join the team.

However, if you understand how to carry out a proper recruitment strategy, actually recruiting candidates for technical positions is not that complicated. The main key to screening the best developer candidates is to understand in advance how to properly test the candidate’s potential abilities.

To find out how a candidate’s job performance is, one thing you can do is to give a coding test. Where through this stage you can easily assess their programming skills.

Well, before you implement a coding test in the recruitment process, you must first understand what a coding test is. So, if you want to know more information. Here is the full review for you.

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What Is a Coding Test and Its Impact?

What Is a Coding Test?

Simply put, the coding test is an assessment given to candidates to see the extent of their technical skills, especially in the programming world.

Through this test, you can assess and filter potential candidates to proceed to the next recruitment stage. By giving a good coding test, you can find out 

what the candidate’s problem-solving skills are and their understanding of coding.

The form of the test given is very diverse, this depends on the standards of each company. But in general, candidates are usually ordered to analyze code or fix software errors.

Here’s How Coding Tests Can Impact Your Recruitment Process

There are many benefits that your company can get by implementing a coding test as a strategy to find the best developer candidates in a recruitment process. Some of the positive impacts of coding tests are as follows:

1. Increase the quality of recruitment

Incorporating coding tests in recruitment can help you improve the quality of the hiring process for the better. This is not only without reason, coding tests can help you to find the best candidates based on their abilities and knowledge.

It is common knowledge that recruiting technical talent is quite difficult. With a coding test, you can evaluate candidates and analyze how their potential and performance will be in the future when working.

2. Fair assessment and can avoid bias

Hiring bias is a classic problem and often occurs in the recruitment process. Whether we realize it or not, many recruiters or hiring managers choose candidates based on assumptions, similarities, or favoritism. All of these things are very difficult to see the right candidate and have qualified skills.

With coding tests, you can avoid hiring bias. A coding test is a fair step to assess candidates. You can find the right candidate with the best programming skills based on their test results, so it’s less likely that your final hiring decision will be influenced by hiring bias.

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3. Make the recruitment process more efficient

All stages in a recruitment process such as screening, interviews, and decision making are very important to do. However, all these stages do not run efficiently and take a lot of time. Especially if you recruit the wrong candidate, this is a huge waste of resources ranging from time, effort, and thought, to cost.

Implementing a coding test can help you to do recruitment easily and efficiently. You can conduct mass evaluations of candidates through coding tests so that the recruitment process becomes faster and more precise.

The coding test will leave several potential candidates who complete the assessment and discard candidates who are not eligible. This certainly makes it very easy for you to recruit quickly, precisely, and easily.

How to Implement an Effective Coding Test

To get the right candidate, you have to design the right coding assessment strategy as well. A challenge must meet the following requirements:

  • Coding tests should be designed using an appropriate language-specific framework to evaluate the candidate’s basic skills.
  • Properly designed coding challenge must match the requirements of the position required.

So that’s how the ideal coding test should be. If you are having trouble making the right coding test to recruit potential developer candidates. You can use Algobash to recruit more easily.

Algobash is a pre-employment test and talent pool platform that is specialized in recruiting all kinds of IT positions. You can find bright candidate developers with just one platform.

Through Algobash you can design a strategic coding test by testing logic skills or certain framework skills such as React, Vue, Laravel, Next, Golang, or other popular programming languages.

If you don’t have basic IT, don’t worry because Algobas is an automated coding test platform that is very easy to use by anyone even without an IT background. If you are interested in knowing more information about Algobash, don’t forget to visit our website Algobash.com to recruit better developer candidates!

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