Types of Psychological Tests You Should Know

Types of Psychological Tests You Should Know

When following the recruitment process from a company, there will be several stages that you have to go through. One of them is facing a psychological test. There are many types of psychological tests that job applicants will get. Usually, companies provide this test to select candidates before entering the interview stage.

The psychological test process is as important as any other recruitment process. Through this stage, recruiters will assess your character and competence as a prospective employee. That is why psychological tests must be prepared as well as possible.

To get maximum results, the first thing you have to do is to know in advance the types of work psychology tests that the company will provide. You have to do this because each type of work has a different assessment and way of working. Knowing what types of tests candidates usually face will make it easier for you to prepare for the test easily.

Then, what are the types of work psychological tests? If you are curious, you can read the following Algobash review.

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What is a Psychological Test?

The work psychological test is one of a series of selection processes carried out by various companies in screening quality candidates. Through psychological tests, companies can recognize and assess the character of job applicants starting from their attitude, behavior, interests, and intelligence.

Job applicants will be given a number of questions or questions that must be answered within the specified time limit. Usually, the question consists of several different types of psychological tests.

The results of a psychological test will usually determine whether you pass or not to advance to the next recruitment stage. But actually the answers given by job applicants are actually neither right nor wrong. Psychological test assessment is more emphasized on whether or not you are suitable to work in the position and company you are applying for.

What are the Types of Psychological Test?

There are quite many types of occupational psychology tests that you will usually face. So, what are the types of psychological tests? Here are some of the types that you can know:

5 Common Types of Psychological Test

1. Analog Verbal Test

The first test that companies do quite often to select prospective employees is a verbal analog test or verbal ability test. The purpose of this test is to see how far you are able to deal with a problem in understanding the cause-and-effect relationship of the problem.

In this test, generally you will get 40 questions which include analogies, synonyms, and antonyms of a word. To do all these questions you have to learn a lot about synonyms, antonyms and correlations of meaning.

In this test, your logic skills are tested. You must be able to rely on logic and concentrate fully on solving each item given in order to get the best results.

2. Algorithm Logic Psychology Test

If you are applying for a position related to calculations such as finance, analyst or software engineer. Then you must be ready to face the psychological algorithm logic test.

Yes, companies will usually give this test to prospective employees who apply for these positions. Where in this test there is a row of numbers that you must understand the pattern. To solve this series of numbers, you can use multiplication, division, subtraction, addition, fractional numbers to percentages.

The purpose of this test is to determine the extent of the prospective employee’s ability to read or analyze certain patterns. In this test, the pattern of the series of numbers can be in the form of sequences, jumps, groupings, and others.

Algorithmic logic psychological tests require high enough focus and concentration to solve them.

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3. Arithmetic Logical Reasoning Test

The next psychological test is logical reasoning and arithmetic. Many companies are quite often provide this test to prospective employees. The goal is to test the extent of the ability to analyze and solve problems.

You have to solve several questions in the form of picture patterns and numbers. The key to success in doing this test is having high accuracy.

4. Kraepelin/Pauli psychological test

The Kraepelin or Pauli psychological test is a simple calculation test. In this test, you will get questions in the form of a series of numbers from 0-9 arranged vertically that have been added, subtracted, divided, added, and multiplied. To finish, you have to write down the next numbers after knowing the arrangement pattern.

Although it looks easy, this test is very tiring because you have to compose a lot of numbers. In addition, this test also requires high concentration to complete.

The purpose of this test is to test the extent of concentration, endurance, accuracy, and the ability of prospective employees to complete work quickly.


Lastly, the EEPS psychological test or Edwards Personal Preference. In this test you have to choose an answer between options A and B. You have to choose one of them, each choice you take will describe the personality of the prospective employee.

Those are the 5 types of work psychological tests that are often encountered. To prepare for the job test in order to get the best results, you can start practicing to work on each of the psychological test questions mentioned above.

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