Top Ways to Increase Workplace Diversity

Top Ways to Increase Workplace Diversity

Many companies have started to implement an inclusive work environment by accepting all employee differences; ranging from religion, ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation. This is done to create a more positive environment with diversity in it. Interestingly, implementing this can also allow the company to get other great benefits that can advance the business. That is why your organization must know how to increase workplace diversity.

There is a wealth of research showing that an inclusive work environment can have a tremendous impact. According to research conducted in 2018 by McKinsey & Company shows that companies with a high level of Diversity are 43% easier to earn more profits.

The impact of diversity in the workplace does not stop there, there are many other impacts that are certainly beneficial for your organization, including increasing the creativity of the team to innovate.

How to increase workplace diversity

There are many ways to create a more inclusive work environment—in this article Algobash has put it all together for you. So what is it? Don’t forget to read the full article below.

1. Utilize various job boards for more diverse recruitment

Open job vacancies on various job portals that allow you to find diverse candidates. Currently, many job portal platforms support this, such as You can also take advantage of other popular job portal platforms like LinkedIn, be sure to write that your company accepts diversity.

3. Emphasize diversity on the company’s career page

This is very important for you to do, make sure that your company’s career page highlights “diversity.” Try to write it in every job description that is currently open. This will certainly make it easier for you to find diverse candidates.

4. Use a blind recruitment strategy to avoid hiring bias

Apply a blind recruiting strategy when you are looking for candidates to join the company. This strategy allows you to recruit regardless of the candidate’s background such as ethnicity, gender, religion, and so on. You will only make an assessment based on the skills or competencies they have. This certainly helps you to create a more inclusive team.

5. Provide recruiter training to avoid hiring bias

Hiring bias is a common mistake recruiters make when searching for candidates. If this continues, it will be very difficult for you to create an inclusive workplace, and you may also lose a lot of potential candidates. To prevent this from happening, try to provide recruitment training to every recruiter in your company.

6. Open an internship program or scholarships for certain targets

Try to offer internship programs or college scholarships to some minority groups. By providing these opportunities, you can help them to grow faster and play a key role in the company.

7. Create a mentorship and inclusive training program

Provide mentorship or inclusion training to all employees in your company. The goal, of course, is to create closer employee relationships with each other and allow them to move forward together. This can encourage diversity in your company.

8. Celebrate employee diversity

A way for employees to feel valued is to celebrate their diversity. Arrange a meeting where all employees can share their backgrounds and traditions with other employees in the workplace. This method is certainly very fun and can build good relationships in a team.

9. Be fair to all employee

Being fair is of course very important in any situation. If you want to create an inclusive workplace, then never discriminate against anyone in the workplace. With a fair attitude, employees feel valued and can increase productivity and positive working relationships.

10. Incorporate diversity into company policies

Incorporate diversity into your company policies to be more inclusive. Yes, starting from recruitment rules, job reviews, promotions, to the benefits offered to employees. Make sure that all these policies are fair and provide equal opportunities to every employee regardless of their status or background.

11. Strengthen anti-discrimination rules

The last way that can be done to improve an inclusive work environment is to strengthen the anti-discrimination policy in your company. Unfortunately, there are still many companies that do not pay attention to this.

According to a 2019 Harvard Business Review study, 75 percent of respondents stated that their company’s anti-discrimination rules were not enough to promote a more inclusive work environment.

So, try to review all existing policies and make sure they are sufficient to represent diversity.

Reasons why it is difficult to increase workplace diversity

One of the reasons why it is difficult to create a more inclusive work environment is the use of the wrong strategy in the recruitment process. Whether we realize it or not, almost all recruiters must have had a hiring bias.

This mistake will make you make a subjective assessment of the candidate, worse you can also commit racism, sexism, or even ageism without realizing it.

There are many ways to avoid hiring bias, one of them is by utilizing recruitment technology. You can use Algobash to make the recruitment process more objective.

Through Algobash, you can make a blind assessment without looking at the candidate’s background. You will only make an assessment based on their technical skills. This method is certainly very helpful for creating diversity in the workplace.

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Let’s create workplace diversity with Algobash!

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