The Wave of Employee Turnover After Eid on Your Tech Team

The Wave of Employee Turnover After Eid on Your Tech Team

Employee turnover is a common phenomenon in various companies. This allows companies to lose some employees and then find new employees to fill a position.

When Eid approaches, employee turnover activity changes are normal and unavoidable. This is something that can be predicted in advance because it has become a culture that is often practiced by many Indonesian employees; they decided to stop working after the big Muslim celebrations.

This phenomenon is almost the same as employee turnover at Christmas or the end of the year which often occurs in other countries.

Employee turnover can be likened to two blades. It can be very profitable if it occurs in reasonable numbers. However, it will be detrimental if the amount is very high. That is why the company must have a strategy to anticipate these losses.

Reasons for employee turnover after Eid

There are many reasons behind this, but the two most common reasons that are often found are related to receiving THR (Tunjangan Hari Raya) and the number of other companies opening job vacancies after the Eid holiday.

Some employees decide to quit where they work after getting THR. This is because if an employee resigns or is laid off 30 days before the Eid celebration, they will not receive the allowance. That is why many employees choose to keep their positions at the company at least until after Eid.

At the same time, many companies are opening job vacancies. This is usually taken advantage of by several employees who have long wanted new opportunities that are better and more challenging. With so many vacancies, they will not have to wait long to be unemployed after resigning.

The two reasons above are only a small part of the many factors that support employee turnover. Many other reasons may encourage this to happen.

Overcome employee turnover

The extent to which the company’s strategy is to avoid employee turnover. Still, this is not something that can be completely avoided. That is why the company must also prepare a strategy that can be carried out in the future if there is a turnover. When your company loses a lot of employees, mass hiring is the best answer that can be done to fill all vacancies quickly.

Imagine if you could recruit many talented, high-spirited, and willing to learn and grow at the same time. So much fun isn’t it? Mass Hiring can enable you to achieve all of these things.

Just like other recruitment processes, mass hiring activities are also commonly carried out by various companies from any industrial sector, including recruiting technical talents such as programmers.

Yes, employee turnover is indiscriminate. This phenomenon can occur at any position and in any team. No exception with the tech team in your company.

Fast hiring strategy to find tech talent after employee turnover

Losing employees on your tech team is very crucial, this is because many positions play a very important role in the sustainability of the company. Especially if your organization is engaged in the digital field, then this must be addressed as soon as possible to avoid the many losses that could arise afterward.

That’s why you have to do mass hiring quickly to recover vacancies in the company.

To carry out an effective recruitment process, you must prepare a strategy carefully so that mass hiring can run quickly but remain objective. Several ways can be done to make this happen, in this article Algobash will discuss them in full for you.

Coding assessment

When it comes to effective ways to recruit programmers, testing their technical skills should not be missed. This is done so that companies can recruit the best programmers even though they do recruitment in a very fast time.

Coding assessment is a coding challenge given to candidates to test the extent of their technical skills. They will usually be given several questions to be solved within a certain time limit.

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There are many benefits that companies can get by running a coding assessment, some of which are:

1. Screening qualified candidates

When doing mass hiring, the company will automatically get lots of applicants with different skill levels. This will certainly be very confusing to filter out which candidates have qualified technical skills. There will be many qualified and unqualified candidates applying. You have to choose one of them.

By providing a coding assessment, you don’t have to worry about this problem. By giving candidates a challenge to complete coding, you will more objectively assess their skills.

This certainly makes it easier for you to choose which candidate will proceed to the next stage. So, the number of applicants is no longer a big problem to find quality candidates.

2. Mass hiring becomes more effective

Just as too few candidates apply for jobs, too many applicants are also a bad thing in a recruitment process. There are many challenges when you accept so many candidates.

You may not know how to start choosing one. You’re also likely to miss out on a lot of potential candidates because you don’t have time to talk to them face-to-face, given the sheer number of applicants.

With coding assessment, you don’t have to worry about that either. You can still screen potential candidates no matter how many candidates apply. Even if their names are at the bottom of the list!

3. Recruitment time becomes more efficient

When employee turnover occurs, companies usually need a quick time to re-hiring prospective employees to immediately fill vacant positions in the company.

This is quite difficult to avoid, considering that there are so many stages that must be passed in a recruitment process to find the right candidate. Usually, the company will do a CV screening, technical interview, and much more. All of these activities can take up a lot of time and make recruitment slower.

You can streamline recruitment time by providing coding assessments to candidates. Coding assessment can allow companies to eliminate several processes because they are already represented by coding assessments.

4. Avoid bad hiring

Bad hiring brings a lot of loss to the company. This can make you wrong in choosing a candidate so that other new problems arise such as the lack of productivity of the selected employees and it will cost the company a lot if you have to re-recruit.

You can avoid this by doing a coding assessment because with this the company will focus on the candidate’s technical skills in coding. So you can find out potential candidates and this can avoid various kinds of bad hiring risks.

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5. Assess candidate skills more objectively

When coding assessments, usually the company will make the same standard of tests to be given to candidates so that you can more easily evaluate and compare which candidates have more qualified skills than others.

Maximize coding assessment for fast hiring

1. Choose the type of coding assessment you want to do

Usually, there are two types of coding assessment carried out by companies to test candidates, namely live coding interviews and take-home tests. Both have the same goal but differ only in the way of implementation.

  • Live coding interview: Candidates are given a coding test to be done directly or in real-time and under user supervision, the time given for processing is also relatively short.
  • Take-home test: Candidates are given a coding test to do individually without having to be supervised by the user and the processing time is usually a little longer than a few days.
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The two types of assessment above are equally effective if carried out properly. Most importantly you have to adjust the objectives to be achieved with the type of test that will be chosen.

2. Choose effective and efficient assessment tools

After knowing which test to use, choosing the right assessment tools is also very important because it will greatly assist the company in making the recruitment process more objective, effective, and efficient. That’s why you have to be able to choose it properly.

Currently, many tools can be used. One of them is Algobash’s automatic coding assessment. This can help you to find the most suitable candidate for the company.

You can perform logic, database, and project-based tests. Algobash tools also support various popular programming languages ​​and technologies such as Python, C++, Golang, Java, Typescript, Ruby, Vue, Swift, and many more. So you can customize it to the test you want to do.

Algobash is designed to meet the needs of recruiters in screening the best candidates, which is why this tool is so easy to use. You don’t have to worry about learning a lot of things to operate it. You can independently create and customize assessment coding for any technical role in minutes even without any IT knowledge.

Algobash also has many other interesting features that can make recruitment easier:

Automated project-based tests; Frontend (React and Vue) and Backend (Golang, Next, and Laravel)
Free trial
The unlimited quota for participants and recruiters
pre-recorded interview

If you are interested, don’t forget to visit our website for more information.

Let’s recruit the best tech talent for your company!

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