Pre-Employment Test: Why Is It Important And What Are The Advantages?

Pre-Employment Test: Why Is It Important And What Are The Advantages?

After previously Algobash discussed in detail the meaning and types of pre-employment test. You may have several statements that you want to make, one of which is what benefits can the company get and why should you implement it?

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There are many reasons to answer this question and Algobash will cover them, especially for you. So, what is it? Read more information below.

Why should you apply for a pre-employment test?

One of the fundamental reasons why you should apply for a pre-employment test is to screen out potential candidates and get rid of unsuitable candidates.

Every time a job vacancy opens, companies usually get lots of applications from various candidates. This is certainly very confusing for you to find which candidate is suitable. Even if you choose the wrong one, this can cause the company to experience bad hiring and other losses.

According to a study, every vacancy opened by a company will receive at least 250 resumes of candidates who apply. Of this number, not all candidates match the position that the company needs. Some of them just apply randomly without first reading the job details posted in the job vacancies that you post on each platform.

As far as you do a good screening process on the resumes that candidates provide. Still, this doesn’t guarantee you can screen the right candidates. That is why a pre-employment test is needed to overcome this.

Pre-employment tests can have a tremendous impact on maximizing the recruitment process to find the best candidates starting from their skills, knowledge, attitude, and culture fit with the company.

Benefits of pre-employment test

Besides being able to make the recruitment process more objective. Several other benefits can certainly benefit your company. Here we present it in full:

1. Increase employee retention

Giving candidates a test before joining can increase the company’s ability to retain employees. The high employee turnover often makes companies face various serious problems, one of which causes work performance to decline and they must carry out a re-recruitment process to immediately find candidates who can fill vacant positions.

To maintain employee retention, you can do a pre-employment test to see how far the candidate’s skills and matches are with the company. You can choose those who are suitable to join, so that employee turnover can be minimized.

2. Strengthening the legality of recruitment

The pre-employment test can also make the recruitment process stronger. This is because the pre-employment test is a science-based assessment. If one day there will be a legal problem regarding recruitment. Companies can submit concrete evidence in the form of results from pre-employment tests that have been carried out previously.

3. Can find “hidden talent”

When conducting the screening process, usually many recruiters only focus on what is written in the CV. This is likely to make the company lose a potential candidate.

Several candidates do not have much experience but have the quality of soft and hard skills and are suitable for qualified companies. By giving a pre-employment test, you are indirectly allowing them to demonstrate their skills.

This will certainly make it easier for you to find out all the things that may not be written in your CV.

Those are the reasons and benefits that your company can get after doing a pre-employment test. Of course, you don’t want to choose the wrong candidate, do you? try to avoid this by conducting pre-employment tests properly to create a higher quality recruitment process and your company can find the best candidates.

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