Pertanyaan Interview Yang Wajib Ditanyakan

Interview Questions: Questions to Ask During an Interview

The interview stage is very crucial in the recruitment process. Through this stage, you can get to know more about the candidates who will work in your company through the answers they give. So, you can choose the right one.

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To find the best candidate for the company, of course, you must have good preparation as well. You can start preparation by compiling some appropriate and strategic interview questions. Yes, this is very important because through these questions you can find out the qualified and suitable candidates for the company.

So what questions can be asked of candidates during the interview? Don’t worry, you don’t have to worry about it because Algobash has prepared 15 recommended questions that are important to ask candidates during interviews.

15 most strategic interview questions

Here are some questions you can ask during the interview process to find the best candidate for the company:

1. Why did you apply for this position?

This question is commonly asked by HRD during the interview process. The goal, of course, is to find out the candidate’s motivation and interest in the position they are applying for. Even though it sounds basic, keep asking this question because every candidate has different motivations. When you hear their answers, you can tell how much they are interested in the position they are applying for. This can make it easier for you to objectively assess candidates.

2. Can you tell us about your experiences that are relevant to this position?

To find the right candidate you can also ask this question. By knowing their experience, you will know which candidates are familiar and really understand the job in the position they are applying for. The right candidate will explain well their previous experiences relevant to the position.

3. What do you like about the job description for this position?

This question is quite rarely asked by HRD, from now on try to ask it to the candidate. Through this question, you will find out how far they understand the role.

4. Why did you decide to quit your previous job?

If you think it is important to know the reasons why the candidate decided to leave their job before, then ask this question. You will find out what the candidate’s goals and obstacles are so that they decide to quit. You can also assess their attitude through the answers given, if the candidate gives bad reasons about the company where they worked before, you should think carefully before deciding to choose it.

5. What do you know about our company’s products/services?

The best candidates will show an interest in your company such as finding out the products or services offered. It’s best to ask this question during an interview because with this question you can find out which candidates are interested in working for your company.

6. Please explain the gap in your resume/CV?

It is also important to ask during the interview. By knowing the reason why there is a time gap from the job history on their resume or CV, it will be easier for you to determine the best candidate. Yes, this is done to ensure their background and know what they are doing when they are not working.

7. What kind of workplace can make you happy and productive?

You don’t want to choose the wrong candidate who doesn’t fit the company culture. So to avoid this problem try asking this question. There is no right or wrong answer, it’s just that the purpose of this question is to find out which candidate fits the company culture.

8. What are your career goals in the next 5-10 years?

This question is indeed quite commonly asked by HRD during interviews, the aim is to find out the aspirations or career resolutions that candidates have for the next few years. By knowing this you can see their sincerity towards the career that will be run.

9. What do you learn from mistakes at work?

Try to ask things out of position. You can ask about how they learned from a mistake. By knowing this, you can assess how they respond to bad things that might happen when they work later. You can also find out what problem-solving skills they have which are very important when working.

10. Please explain how you manage your time/work?

You must n’t want to hire candidates who don’t have a good management system as it will interfere with their productivity at work. Ask candidates this question to find out how they manage their time at work.

11. What will you do if you don’t succeed in getting this position?

This question may sound pretty random but it’s quite important to ask. Yes, with this question you can find out what they will do if they don’t make it through to the job. Is it back to learning to hone skills? or something else? It is clear that through the answers they provide we can judge more objectively on the candidate.

12. What have you learned in the last few months to upgrade your knowledge?

Knowing what they are learning to improve their knowledge will certainly be a separate assessment for you in choosing the right candidate. Candidates who are always learning new things mean they want to continue to grow and are certainly a good fit if you hire them to work.

13. What was the biggest challenge from your previous job?

Want to know how candidates deal with a problem or challenge? ask this question! with this question you will know how they respond to a very difficult challenge, you will also know their ability to overcome it. So you will have an idea if the candidate is faced with a challenge when working in your company.

14. Why do you think you are a good fit for this position?

This question is not only to see the candidate’s confidence but also to assess how well they understand their job and how well they know their potential. So, don’t forget to ask this question!

15. Are there any questions?

This question is very important to ask candidates because you can find out how much they are interested in the company or position applied for by the questions they ask.

So, those are 15 questions that you can choose to ask during the interview. The questions above will help make it easier for you to find the right candidate for the role. But you can also ask other questions that you think are important. What is certain is that all questions have their assessment.

If you are interested in reading more information about the recruitment process, don’t forget to visit the Algobash Insight website to find other useful articles.

Now is the time to find the best candidate. Good luck!

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