Innovative Recruitment Methods to Hire the Best Candidates

Innovative Recruitment Methods to Hire the Best Candidates

As time goes by, the competition in the job market is very competitive and top talent is getting harder and harder to reach. This has resulted in many companies being understaffed over the past few years.

By 2020, 69% of employers in the United States had difficulty filling vacancies. Not only that, but the same thing also happened in other places. In 2022, there are still many companies in Southeast Asia that still have a talent crunch in a wave of layoffs.

This problem is predicted to continue. At its peak, by 2030 there will be a global talent shortage of 85 million people, roughly equivalent to Germany’s current population.

After knowing the data, then how to solve this problem? The answer is, that you need an innovative recruitment strategy or method to attract more top talent. Well, if you are curious about what recruitment methods can be used, in this article Algobash will give you the reason.

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What Are Innovative Recruitment Methods Like?

For companies, talent is a very valuable asset. That is why many companies are trying to recruit the best candidates according to their qualifications. But to make it happen is certainly not easy, strategic efforts must be needed.

The old recruitment methods are no longer effective and efficient. You need some innovative recruitment methods to find the best talent. several ways that can be done, namely:

4 Innovative Recruitment Methods

1. Know the Data!

You should not carry out the recruitment process haphazardly. The first thing you need to do to
To make an effective and strategic recruitment method is to know the data first.

Innovative recruitment strategies need to leverage data, although this is not a “method” for selecting candidates
but in this way, it will help you make a smart decision.

In this case, you need to create metrics or KPIs to collect, analyze and visualize data. Know what points are important in the recruitment process such as what media can be used to recruit candidates, how many candidates apply for each job vacancy, how long it takes to carry out the recruitment process, and much more.

By knowing all this data, it will be easier for you to determine what methods can be used in the future to be able to capture the best candidates.

2. Using the Gamification Method

Gamification is a recruitment method using a game concept to select candidates. In other words, companies can adopt in-game rules to apply to the recruitment process.

The gamification method is a great creative way for you to select the best candidates and measure how well they understand and complete any given task.

Currently, many large companies are implementing this method. One of them is Unilever, Google, GCHQ, Domino’s Pizza, and so on.

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3. Engaging Technology for Skill Screening, Interviewing, and Evaluation

There are lots of technology tools that can help you in completing certain jobs, including the recruitment process.

When opening a job vacancy, you will usually be faced with hundreds or even thousands of CVs sent by candidates. Of course, it is very confusing to check and complete them one by one, right?

In addition, the manual recruitment process can also increase your chances of taking regular hiring actions that can push you into bad hiring which can be very costly.

For that, you can involve technological sophistication in a series of recruitment processes. Currently, there are many tools that you can use to select candidates more easily, one of which is Algobash.

Through Algobash, you can screen, interview, and evaluate skills in one platform. Apart from that, you can also apply Algobash to all types of positions.

4. Take advantage of the Gig Economy

If you need competent employees to fill vacant positions on short notice then try to engage Gig Economy.

The gig economy is a labor market synonymous with short-term contract workers or freelancers. Through this community, you can find many high-quality freelancers to hire in a given period.

Taking advantage of the Gig Economy is a pretty good idea to implement right now, especially when it’s urgent. For example, when you need employees to replace employees who are on maternity leave and so on.

Currently, there are many Gig Economy platforms that you can use to get freelancers such as UpWork and Toptal.

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Recruiting the best candidates is a big challenge for companies. Moreover, the current job market is increasingly competitive. You must be able to compete with other industries in finding and recruiting the best talent. For this reason, innovative recruitment methods are needed because using methods are no longer relevant.

Algobash can help you achieve all these things, we are a pre-employment test platform and talent pool with which to screen, interview and test candidates quickly and precisely. If you want to know more about Algobash, visit our website

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