How to Build Employer Branding To Improve Recruitment Process

How to Build Employer Branding To Improve Recruitment Process

How to Build Employer Branding To Improve Recruitment Process – The term employer branding may already sound familiar. This is one strategy that many companies use to build a good image. The goal is to provide comfort for employees in your company while at the same time attracting potential candidates out there to join the company.

The company’s brand is one of the weapons to compete fairly with other companies in recruiting new employees in the midst of increasingly competitive work competition in today’s era.

There are many strategies you can do to build employer branding. In this article, Algobash will discuss in detail what can be done to improve the company’s image in the eyes of prospective employees.

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Why is employer branding important for recruitment?

Every company wants the best potential employees who can join them. Building a good employer branding means that the company has the opportunity to make this happen.

As previously explained, employer branding will make the company have a good image. When the company is known to have a good image, there will be many candidates who automatically apply.

In the job market, not only companies are looking for the best candidates, but candidates are also looking for the best companies. Potential candidates will prefer to apply to companies that are known to have a strong employer branding than to companies that do not have it.

Through the explanations above, it is very clear that the role of employer branding is very important for companies, especially when conducting recruitment. By having a good image, the company will find it easier to get potential employees who will join them. You don’t want to recruit the wrong employees right?

How to build employer branding for recruitment?

Well, to build a good employer branding, there are many ways or strategies your company can do. One effective way is to increase your online presence or improve your company’s image online.

online presence

The online presence or online presence is a way to describe the presence of a business online. This can be a bridge for companies to attract external parties. The intended external party can vary depending on the target or goal to be achieved.

However, if the company uses an online presence as one of the recruitment processes. So it is clear that the intended external party is a potential candidate out there who has become the company’s target.

Online presence is one of the effective means to increase employer branding. Today many people, including potential candidates, always use the internet and surf online for almost all activities, from socializing on social media to looking for job vacancies.

Based on statistical data published by, in 2021 73.7% of the total Indonesian people are active internet users. Where this number has increased from the previous year which was 15.5 percent in 2020 and is expected to continue to grow over time.

The high use of the internet is a tremendous potential that you can use to improve online employee branding to recruit the ideal candidate. Therefore, your company needs to optimize the company’s online presence.

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How to Build Employer Branding Using an Online Presence

After knowing some information about the importance of an online presence in building employer branding. You may be wondering about what strategies you can take to increase the online presence of employer branding? Well, there will be many ways to answer that question. Here’s how to build employer branding using an online presence:

This How to Build Employer Branding Through Online Presence

1. Evaluate your company in the eyes of the public or the public

The first way you have to do in optimizing your online presence for employer branding is to evaluate the company in the eyes of the public first.

The trick is to survey employees who are currently working at your company to dig up as much information as possible about their satisfaction, feelings, opinions, and values ​​when they work.

After you get enough information, you can also discuss it with company leaders, investors, and others to find out how your company is in their eyes.

2. Clearly define the objectives to be achieved

After evaluating, the second way you can do is to determine the goals you want to achieve. In this case, it means that you need to know what kind of talent target the company wants to recruit.

In addition, you also have to know other things such as what positions require additional new employees, how long it takes for recruitment, and so on.

To determine all of these objectives, you can perform several specific targeting methods. Currently, there are many methods that you can do, one of which is by using the STAR method.

3. Understand the target talent your company wants to recruit

When you want to do recruitment, the company must understand what kind of target candidate you want to recruit. This is very important to do, each talent target must have different characteristics.

For example, when you want to recruit talent from Generation Z, the method you will do is different from when recruiting Generation Y because Generation Z is very familiar with technological advances, while Generation Y is not.

Therefore, understand the talent target you want to achieve so that the increase in online presence for employer branding can run optimally. To understand it you can ask the following questions:

  • What generation of talent does the company need?
  • What age range does the company need?
  • Is gender a very important thing in today’s recruitment?

Answer the questions above to understand the talent target. In addition to those already mentioned, you can also ask other questions that you feel will make it easier for you to understand the target.

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4. Determine the appropriate online platform and will be used

After evaluating, determining objectives, and understanding targets. The next step is to determine the appropriate online platform to increase the online presence for employer branding.

Look for strategic platforms to increase your online presence on the internet. Apart from that, you can also ask other people who are also in a similar business regarding recommendations for suitable platforms.

Start by making the company’s official website to the fullest. Provide a special page for job vacancies at your company to make it easier for candidates to apply.

In addition, the appearance of the website and the format of the content must also be capable and responsive to provide an outstanding user experience.

In addition, you can also take advantage of other online platforms such as social media to increase your online presence. Currently, there are many social media that you can use starting from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many more.

Choose social media that matches the target you want to achieve. Create a work community forum and let employees share their feelings or experiences working at your company as long as they don’t contain elements of hatred or racial intolerance.

Then, you can also do email marketing to several potential talents who have applied to your company.

5. Publish content that matches the targeted company brand

The last way that is no less important is to publish a variety of content that matches the company’s brand. Make a content plan that you will share via website, social media, or email marketing.

The shared content can be related to the company profile, vision, and mission, company values ​​and culture, collaborative projects, or other things that can add to the company’s good image.

Then you can also share content in the form of reviews given by employees who have worked or are currently working at your company.

What is clear is that all of the content does not contain elements of SARA or things that can cause noise and harm to the company.

Well, that’s the information that Algobash can convey about how to build employer branding for recruitment. Hopefully, this information is useful for you, especially those who want to improve employer branding in the company.

If you are interested in other information, don’t forget to visit Algobash Info and find various useful articles about recruitment and technology that you can read.

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