Blind Hiring: Effective Recruitment Strategy to Avoid Bias

Blind Hiring: Effective Recruitment Strategy to Avoid Bias

Recruiting prospective employees who have qualified skills, high work motivation, and match the culture and values ​​of the company is a dream for all recruiters and any hiring manager. However, not all hiring managers can recruit ideal candidates due to the lack of precise recruitment strategies used. This causes hiring bias to occur frequently and harms the recruitment process. One of the most effective ways to overcome this is to apply the blind hiring method.

Any kind of bias that occurs in the recruitment process is very detrimental and can affect the final recruitment outcome. Worse yet, this can lead your company to bad hiring. Moreover, hiring bias is also very difficult to avoid because it can happen intentionally or unintentionally.

Every recruiter or hiring manager has a subjective assessment of potential employees. This often happens in the recruitment process starting from screening, shortlisting, interviews, and even to the final decision. To overcome this problem, various companies are trying to minimize bias by using the blind hiring method.

Now for those of you who are also experiencing similar problems and want to improve the quality of recruitment to avoid bias, this article is perfect for you to read because Algobash will discuss in greater depth the blind hiring method starting from how to apply it and what benefits it has for the company.

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What is Blind Hiring?

The term blind hiring may still sound foreign to some people. When you read the name, there will be many different interpretations of what blind hiring is.

So, what is blind hiring?

Blind recruiting is a recruitment technique to avoid biased or subjective judgments to finding potential candidates. Generally, it is used when performing the screening process.

Just as the name suggests, this method requires you to blindly assess by eliminating information about the candidate or prospective employees starting from the name, age, gender, candidate, background, academic qualifications, work achievements they have achieved, and so on.

This means that you will only be able to judge candidates based on their skills and competencies. This method can help you to recruit potential candidates who fit without being affected by bias.

What are the advantages of Blind Hiring for the Recruitment Process?

Besides being able to eliminate bias during the recruitment process, there are many other benefits that you can get by implementing blind hiring. Some of these advantages are as follows:

1. Can increase diversity in the workplace

The first advantage you can get is that it can increase the diversity of the team in the workplace. Blind hiring is a recruitment method that requires you to conduct an objective assessment based on your skills and competencies.

By applying this method you will only recruit candidates who match the job qualifications regardless of the background or demographics of the participants.

Having a diverse team including gender diversity will have many positive impacts that can lead the company to develop further. Even according to research conducted by McKinsey, gender diversity can increase company profits up to 25% more than companies that do not have it.

2. Save time and cost of recruitment

The second advantage that you can get by applying the blind hiring method in the recruitment process is to save company resources including recruitment time and costs.

Blind hiring makes the recruitment process more effective because you will only focus on assessing the skills and competencies of candidates that match the job qualifications for the required position.

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3. Effectively recruiting the right and potential candidates

The purpose of the recruitment process is to find the best candidates. The blind hiring method can allow you to do this more effectively.

You can get rid of various biases that can affect the recruitment process for the worse. This helps you to find the right and potential candidates because you focus on assessing abilities and competencies, not other things that can make subjective judgments.

4. Improve company reputation and increase candidate experience

The last benefit that you can get through blind hiring is that the company’s reputation is increasing. Blind hiring can help companies to carry out professional and inclusive recruitment methods, this of course can add valuable experience for candidates.

Candidates will judge that your company is very professional because it has provided an opportunity for anyone to join the team regardless of background, gender, race, religion, or others.

Many candidates dream of a company that is more open to anyone without discrimination against certain groups. Your company will be seen as a company that only looks at employee competencies compared to what the brand background looks like, which is very good for business progress.

Maximize Blind Hiring With Algobash

As previously mentioned, the most important thing in assessing candidates during the recruitment process is their abilities and competencies. To make the blind hiring method more effective, you can test the candidate’s skills using Algobash.

Algobash is an automated online assessment platform dedicated to all kinds of positions from IT, QA, and many more. Algobash helps you to test objectively regardless of candidate demographics.

Various pre-employment tests in our database you can use to find potential candidates ranging from coding tests, project-based tests (Frontend/Backend), case studies, interviews, and competition-based coding tests.

If you’re curious, don’t forget to visit our website for more information. Let’s recruit the right candidate for your company without fear of being affected by hiring bias!

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