Best Recruitment Strategy for Hiring a Fresh Graduate

Best Recruitment Strategy for Hiring a Fresh Graduate

Hiring a fresh graduate can be the right choice for recruiters to find candidates who have the perseverance and passion to work. Choosing a new graduate is certainly a breath of fresh air for a team because it can provide a new perspective and enthusiasm for the company.

Every year many fresh graduates are looking for work, you must have received one of their applications. They certainly have various skills, knowledge, and passion to be able to enter the world of work. The question now is, how to find quality fresh graduates?

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So for those of you who want to know more about this, in this article, Algobash will provide 5 strategies that can be followed to recruit the right new graduates for your company. What’s that? read the full article below.

Best Ways for Hiring a Fresh Graduate

There are many ways to find the right candidate, but in this article, Algobash will give you some strategies that are proven to be effective and easy to implement.

Take Advantage of Social Media

If you’ve ever searched for a candidate for a company using social media, then stick with it. But, for those of you who have never used this method, then give it a try.

The average fresh graduate at this time is Gen Z. They are very active in following the development of existing technology, one of which is social media. They usually share various activities through the platform, they can even find job vacancies on social media.

This method is certainly very effective in finding qualified candidates, so try to use several social media platforms to reach a wider audience.

Join the Campus Job Fair

To find the right fresh graduates, don’t just wait for an application from them, you can immediately look for them in the right place. Try participating in various campus job fairs. Through this activity, you can recruit potential candidates and offer them for interviews.

This is a great opportunity for your company to show off. When you decide to take part in these activities, then prepare well to attract a lot of the candidate’s attention.

Currently, there are many campus job fair activities. You can invite campuses to collaborate in person or register companies online.

Create Internship Program

What’s the best way to recruit fresh graduates other than seeing their performance firsthand? Of course, nothing.

This way is very effective in finding the right candidate for your company. Many students or recent graduates usually seek experience by doing internships. Besides being useful for them, of course, this program is also beneficial for your company.

Yes, by doing an internship program, you will find out how they are performing. In addition, interns will get to know your company culture.

So, this method will certainly make it easier for you to choose which candidate is suitable to join as a permanent employee.

Hiring a Fresh Graduate for Developers

The three methods above are quite effective in finding the right fresh graduates. However, for those of you who are looking for candidate developers, it would be more effective to do a coding test to test their technical skills.

Usually, there are two approaches that companies take, namely live coding and take-home tests. You can use the scoring coding tool to make the test run optimally and effectively.

One tool you can use is Algobash. This tool makes it easy for you to assess coding even if you don’t have an understanding and experience in IT. Algobash will help you find the most suitable candidate for your company automatically.

You can visit our website Algobash if you are interested in using this tool, or you can also visit Algobash blog to read other interesting information about recruitment and IT.

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