Benefits of Using Automated Interview for Companies

These days, it’s common for job seekers to no longer rely solely on traditional face-to-face interviews. Many now opt for automated interview services. While this might still be unfamiliar to some, the reality is that numerous companies have begun shifting from manual recruitment processes to digital ones. There’s been a significant surge in companies adopting this service.

For companies, employees are a significant asset, as the success or failure of a company largely depends on its human resources. That’s why selecting employees should not be taken lightly. Indeed, the recruitment process is crucial to obtaining a quality workforce. It’s no wonder that the process can be lengthy, and companies often incur substantial costs in recruiting new employees.

Automated interview can be conducted with the assistance of increasingly popular AI interview platforms. There’s a particular technology-focused company that offers this service, making it easier for companies to utilize. Unlike other types of tests, interviews are inherently crucial and time-consuming, especially when dealing with numerous job candidates.

Especially for large companies, even though the number of positions available may be limited, the high interest from job seekers results in a flood of applications. Consequently, more time and effort must be allocated to the screening process to find suitable candidates, especially if the company still relies on conventional or manual interviews.

With the introduction of AI interview tools, the interview process can be conducted more quickly and easily. These tools facilitate recording, allowing for objective assessment and optimal results. It’s important to note that the availability of automated interview tools brings numerous benefits to companies, including:

  • Cutting costs for recruiting new employees, from opening job vacancies to the recruitment process itself, is undoubtedly time-consuming and costly. Therefore, companies must be prepared to allocate significant budgets, especially when recruiting on a large scale. However, the fact is that by using this tool, the cost savings for recruitment activities can be up to 50 percent more efficient compared to usual methods.
  • Time efficiency is crucial, as there are instances when companies need to quickly fill job positions. However, rushing can sometimes result in not finding suitable candidates, even though preparing for interview sessions takes considerable time. With automated interview services, interviews can be conducted quickly while still achieving optimal results.
  • Accessible to candidates on a broader scale, there are many qualified candidates in Indonesia. However, due to their remote locations from major cities, they may opt out of interview sessions. Yet, they possess great potential as prospective employees. This tool enables candidates from anywhere to access interviews more easily. Zoning differences will not hinder them from participating in interviews on time. Thus, companies have the opportunity to acquire the best workforce.
  • Objective assessments are conducted, distinguishing automated interview from manual ones in terms of objectivity in evaluation. The tool is programmed to ensure objective assessments, reducing the risk of evaluation bias. This, in turn, affects the final assessment decision.
  • Enhanced recruitment quality is achieved compared to manual interview methods, where decisions may be hastily made based solely on candidates’ answers. With this method, recordings can be replayed and used for evaluation multiple times. Recruiters can review or evaluate to obtain the best decisions, focusing more on candidates who best fit the company’s criteria.
  • Candidates experience better interview experiences, as the stress of traditional interviews is often prevalent. Additionally, candidates who are still under contract with another company may need to adjust their work schedules for interviews. However, with this technology, candidates will have a much better experience thanks to the ease provided by technology.
  • Scalability is essential for large companies, especially those with high applicant volumes but few positions available. The interview stage often poses challenges in scheduling and budgeting. This is not the case with automated interviews. The technology enables companies to easily handle a flood of applications without sacrificing selection quality. Companies can also more easily recruit new employees to fill multiple positions simultaneously.

However, it’s crucial not to make a mistake in choosing the platform for AI interview, as not all platforms guarantee quality. You can trust Algobash. We provide assessment test services, including for new employee recruitment. With us, companies can easily conduct interview sessions with candidates and review them by viewing the recorded results.

Many companies in Indonesia have already partnered with Algobash, so there’s no doubt about the quality. Moreover, using this method allows companies to compete with others. The opportunity to find higher-quality candidates increases significantly. Companies also don’t need to spend too much money on recruitment; funds can be saved.

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