What Should You Never Do In an Interview as a Recruiter?

What Should You Never Do In an Interview as a Recruiter?

What You Should Never Do In an Interview as a Recruiter – The interview is a very important stage in the recruitment process. As a recruiter, you are experienced in conducting various interviews and you must also have expectations of the candidates you meet. Likewise, candidates also have expectations of you.

Initial interviews when not only done by candidates, recruiters often do the same thing. As a result, this can make the recruiter seen as less professional. Even this can also create the potential to switch and not continue the recruitment process.

Surely, you don’t want all of these things to happen to your organization, do you? Moreover, the job of a recruiter is to attract potential candidates to join the organization, not to make them uninterested.

There are several things that a recruiter should not do when conducting the interview process. What are those? Check out the full information below.

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So, What Should You Never Do In an Interview?

1. Come too late

As a recruiter, you appreciate candidates who come to do interviews on time. Vice versa, candidates will also feel appreciated when recruiters arrive on time. Being late for an interview will give the impression that you are undisciplined and professional. So, do your best to attend it on time.

2. Giving boring template questions

There are lots of interview questions scattered on the internet. The candidates must have predicted some of them will appear when they conduct interviews. To overcome this, ask questions that are original and interesting.

3. Asking irrelevant and disrespectful questions

Ask questions that match the skills and responsibilities required for the position the candidate is applying for. Never ask irrelevant or disrespectful questions. Apart from being useless, the question can also be viewed badly by the candidate.

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4. Acting too familiar with the candidate

The purpose of the interview process is to find a suitable candidate, not a friend. So, act professionally by keeping a distance between yourself and the candidate. You can still be friendly and calm, even if you don’t pretend to be their friend.

5. Avoid discussing salary

Talk honestly about the salary range your organization can offer candidates when making job offers during interviews. This is done to avoid rejection by candidates at the last minute because the salary given is too low or does not match their expectations. This will be a huge waste of time because you will have to arrange another interview with another candidate.

6. Not doing follow up after interview

This is a common mistake that recruiters often make after conducting an interview. Usually the recruiter will only notify the candidates who pass the results and leave the other candidates alone without any notification.

Never do this, try to always follow up all candidates who conduct interviews even if they don’t pass. Candidates will be very happy to receive any feedback from recruiters despite the news that they did not qualify.

So, those are some mistakes that you should not make when conducting the interview process as a recruiter. If you are interested in other information, don’t forget to visit our blog Algobash Insight to find various useful articles about recruitment and technology.

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