Can Increase Productivity Significantly, Here Are Job Divisions That Can Use WFH Effectively! -

Can Increase Productivity Significantly, Here Are Job Divisions That Can Use WFH Effectively!

In the last few weeks, the Indonesian internet has been stirred up by news regarding a petition to return WFH which was signed by more than 20,000 people in a couple of days. This petition voices a re-imposition of working from home because work in an office is no longer effective.

Work From Home or WFH is a method of working remotely from home. After the Covid-19 pandemic, various companies around the world implemented this system. Even some big names such as Microsoft, Uber, and Amazon also apply it to their certain divisions or employee positions.

WFH can indeed provide many advantages for the sustainability of your company. However, not all job divisions or positions are suitable for doing this. For this reason, before deciding to implement it, find out in advance what job divisions are most effective for working from home below.

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Is WFH Still Relevant in 2023?

Can Increase Productivity Significantly, Here Are Job Divisions That Can Use WFH Effectively! -
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The concept of WFH is no longer an unfamiliar thing for every employee now. This system seems to have become a new norm in the professional world. After the pandemic, WFH continued to be used—some even implemented it permanently.

Then, how can a team work without having to meet and gather in the office? Is WFH still relevant in 2023 or beyond? To answer this question, we present surprising statistics on WFH for the past and future years.

According to Apollo Technical, based on a survey conducted by Stanford on 16,000 employees. WFH can increase productivity by 16% at work. In the different surveys conducted by ConnectSolutions. It is stated that 77% of employees who work remotely at least a few times in a month had a greater productivity.

The increase is not without a reason. Many factors can push this to happen. Based on a report published by Owl Labs in 2021, working remotely can make employees feel happier, less stressed, and have a good work-life balance compared to those who work in an office.

On the company side, many studies state that the WFH trend will continue into 2023. 25% of professional workers will work remotely by the end of this year. This is a pretty good decision considering it can help increase employee retention and inclusion, cut operational costs, and can avoid other risks.

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What Job Divisions Are Most Effective For WFH?

As mentioned above, not all types of jobs can apply to WFH to the fullest. Even so, there are still many job positions that can run perfectly using this system. Some of these positions are:

1. Digital Marketing

The most effective division for work-from-home systems is digital marketing. Employees of this job are responsible for expanding products, services, or brands using digital platforms.

Generally, there are many positions within the digital marketing division. Starting from Content Writer, Copywriter, Ads Specialist, SEO Specialist, or even Digital Marketer. Considering that this job is digital-based, these positions can be done effectively even if your team doesn’t meet face-to-face.

2. IT

The IT division is one of the most important pillars of the company, especially those engaged in technology.

IT or Information Technology is a computer-based job position, that’s why this division is perfect for implementing the WFH system because it won’t interfere with their productivity while working.

There are many job positions in the IT field. Some of them are Programmers, Web Developers, Android or iOS Developers, and many others.

3. Talent Acquisition/Recruiter

Talent Acquisition or Recruiter can also be considered as a WFH job division. This job has the responsibility to find and recruit qualified candidates for available positions in your company.

Although the duties and responsibilities are very crucial because they are related to the management of company resources. Talent Acquisition or Recruiter remains effective for implementing the WFH system.

Currently, many tools can help recruiters to work optimally even remotely, such as social media or job boards for finding candidates, pre-employment test platform for assessing candidate skills, and many other sophisticated tools.

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How to Implement WFH Effectively?

WFH can be applied to several divisions or job positions. However, the challenge is how your company implements a working system like this effectively.

Although many benefits can be obtained by the company. It is undeniable, WFH also has various drawbacks and risks if it is not implemented using the correct methods.

One of the important keys for companies to implement WFH effectively is to recruit the right employees following company values.

To find them, you can use Algobash’s pre-employment test to select employees easily, quickly, and precisely. Algobash provides various types of assessment features for technical and non-technical positions such as coding tests, interview tests, psychological tests, case study tests, project tests, and other tests.

Besides that, Algobash can also help you to prepare prospective employees for any type of work including WFH, WFO, Hybrid, or remote. For more information, visit and Algobash Insight.

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