Understanding DISC Test, Its Benefits in the Workplace, and Personality Types

Understanding DISC Test, Its Benefits in the Workplace, and Personality Types

Psychological tests, including DISC test, are among the types of tests that are conducted in employee recruitment or new Human Resource processes in companies. Among the tests that will be conducted is the DISC test. Actually, it is not new that companies will definitely look for quality HR candidates to be part of them. Because every year there is always a regulation or rotation of new employees by replacing the old ones. That is why a series of tests are carried out, including this DISC test, so what kind of test is it?

Definition of DISC Personality Test

It is worth knowing that DISC test is actually a personality test that is widely used by companies today for the process of recruiting new employees. This personality test is carried out to measure how individuals can respond to rules, environment, and problems and challenges that will be faced in the workplace in the future.

So this test is usually done after the MBTI test recruitment, which is used to find out how the behavior of prospective workers in facing work situations. The aim is to determine which behavioral characteristics will motivate the employee. It can even determine the most appropriate communication style with factors that can motivate employees.


The emergence of this personality test was first introduced by William Moulton Marston in his book published in 1928. In his book, there is a theory that mentions emotional behavior expressions, which can be categorized into 4 main types, namely:

  1. Dominance, which is a behavior that emphasizes achievement and self-confidence.
  2. Inducement, which emphasizes the ability to influence others as well as openness and relationships.
  3. Submission, which emphasizes cooperation, sincerity, and dependence.
  4. Compliance, which emphasizes quality and accuracy as well as expertise.
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With the existence of this DISC test, there will be many benefits felt in the world of work, namely:

  1. Helps to increase self-knowledge, so that HRD and the person can know more about themselves, including how to respond to a conflict, what can motivate them, and the factors that can cause stress, as well as how to solve problems.
  2. Improving work relationships, with the test also helping to improve work relationships because knowing the communication needs between team members. So with this knowledge, it can also reduce the risk of miscommunication.
  3. Helps to facilitate teamwork to be better and to teach productive conflict.
  4. Helps to develop stronger sales skills, by identifying and responding to the characteristics of each customer, which is good for boosting sales in your business in the future.
  5. Helps to understand the disposition and priorities of team members so that they can manage the team more effectively in the future.

Personality Types in DISC

After taking the DISC test, prospective employees can see what personality types they have, including:

  1. Type D personality, which is known as the dominance personality type. Those who have this personality type basically have several characteristics, such as being independent and firm, they are also ambitious and want to continue to develop. So they tend to like dealing with others directly. They are comfortable with conflict and tend to control the situation. Their communication skills are good and suitable as a leader.
  2. Type I personality, next there is the influence or I personality, which is someone who likes fun, tends to be confident and attractive. People with this type of personality excel because they can prioritize personal relationships and interactions, can also improvise. They can also bring positive energy to a team. They also have weaknesses such as being too positive about others, difficulty following existing routines, and difficulty limiting the time with others.
  3. Type S personality, namely the submission personality type which includes quiet people who prefer to seek the same individuals to support each other, consistent and loyal in their relationships. People like this are basically patient and often pay attention to the needs and give attention to others. But the weaknesses are not being able to communicate negative information directly because of keeping feelings, they are also too passive and less assertive.
  4. Type C personality, namely the compliance type, where people with this type of personality tend to be very analytical, they also tend to be more interested in the structure process and rules. They can work according to clear procedures and also like to take time in making decisions. But they like to criticize and give complex solutions to problems.

Those are some personality types according to the DISC test. This recruitment activity does take a long time, especially if the number of job applicants is large. But there is no need to worry because it can be more practical and cost-saving if the company entrusts it to a trusted assessment agency, Algobash, because it is technology-based and has a high level of accuracy. Not only for this DISC test but also for other types of tests available.

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