New Innovation: Automated Job Interview for Hiring

In this digital era, the role of technology is indeed important in supporting work, including facilitating the work of HRD in a company, especially for recruiting new human resources or HR for the company. Lately, it is rare to recruit manually, but many have switched to using automated job interviews.

Many companies develop this kind of service, where later this interview system is carried out using robots, this AI interview itself may be familiar to some of you. Not only large companies but if you look at developing companies themselves, many use these services. Especially with the consideration of the high level of accuracy possessed by this tool, it can help reduce company expenses as well.

Automated interviewing is a cutting-edge technology that has been widely used in developed countries, including in the country. There is no need to worry because there are more and more companies that offer this service so it can be used as an option. For recruiters themselves, this may still feel unfamiliar and difficult, but on the contrary, its use will greatly facilitate your work.

This one technology has been processed with various sophistication and allows prospective employees to more easily answer the questions given, and can be recorded directly. Meanwhile, the recruiters themselves will also be facilitated in reviewing the answers that have been given by these prospective candidates. Then how does this automated job interview work? Here’s what you need to know:

  1. When preparing interview questions, later recruiters can first prepare what questions will be used in the question-and-answer session or interview. Of course, it must be adjusted to the role and certain requirements desired from the prospective candidate later.
  2. Recruiters can invite prospective employees, after which it is only a matter of choosing who are candidates or prospective employees who are eligible to enter the next session in this interview. later these applicants will get an invitation to enter the interview session according to a predetermined schedule. This invitation will be sent via an active email that is included by prospective employees when making an application.
  3. Answering the questions given, according to the predetermined schedule, these prospective employees can later enter the platform. After that, they can record the answers to the questions that have been asked in this interview session. generally, a time limit has been given, how long the prospective employee will answer completing the interview session.
  4. Reviewing the answers that have been given, at the final stage, all recorded answers given by the candidates will be sent to the recruiters so that the recruiters can immediately review the answers they gave. So that a comparison can be made between the answers of each candidate and find which one is the most suitable.

This automatic job interview can indeed be used as the best solution, especially for large companies. Because once you open a job vacancy, the number of applicants will be very large, so it takes a lot of time, energy, and costs if you have to do an interview session directly. the solution can be to use this technology-based tool.

There are doubts on the reliability since the interview activities are not face-to-face. Or also reasons related to costs considering that to utilize the platform. But on the one hand, the actual utilization of the automated Job interview itself also has so many advantages, including:

  1. Efficient, both in terms of time and cost, is indeed much more efficient if the company uses this one tool. Moreover, the interview session is different from the written test which can be done simultaneously. Interview sessions are conducted alternately and take more time, especially if the number of participants is also not small. Using this method can cut more time, as well as the costs that must be incurred by the company to recruit new employees. The budget for recruitment can be cut by up to 50 percent.
  2. Broad access, this tool also allows more candidates from different backgrounds, and different regions both within and outside the country to be able to participate in the recruitment program. Because often differences in regions, time zones, and so on become a barrier for companies to not be able to find the best employee candidates to work in their company.
  3. Assessment can be done objectively, another difference between recruitment using this automated job interview tool and those done manually is to prevent risks such as nepotism. This is something that is often found in Indonesia, where many HRDs sometimes include their acquaintances to work in the company, even with poor competence, because the assessment carried out is often still subjective. Somewhat different compared to the use of this tool, everything has been arranged in such a way and the tool also considers accurate and objective results.
  4. Providing a better experience to prospective employees, even for prospective employees themselves are also facilitated in participating in the job interview session. because many times traditional or manual interviews are prone to making them experience stress. Especially when they have to take leave and rearrange the interview schedule if it collides with their work schedule at that time so that in the end they cannot attend this interview session.
  5. Can improve the quality of recruitment This method will allow recruiters or HRDs to review or re-evaluate the answers given by prospective candidates. Of course, with the recordings that have been made before, they can be played back. So that you can find the best one.

There are some reliable automated job interview platforms in Indonesia, one of which is from Algobash. We’re a platform that offers convenience for prospective recruiters who are looking for new employees to fill vacant positions in a company. The recruitment carried out is of course also of higher quality.

All activities or interview sessions will be recorded so that they can be evaluated by recruiters or the company’s HR team, the results displayed will be in the form of video recordings, summaries, facial focus, full text spoken by candidates, proximity between answers and questions. All results will also be assessed using AI so there is no need to worry. Algobash provides guaranteed test services.

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