Misconceptions About Pre-Employment Tests You Need to Know the Truth

Misconceptions About Pre-Employment Tests You Need to Know the Truth

Although the pre-employment test is one effective strategy to find the best candidate. Until now, there are still many organizations that do not apply it in their recruitment process. This is caused by some misconceptions about the pre-employment tests.

The fact is that pre-employment tests have a big enough role to determine the results of recruitment. According to research conducted by HR Grape Vine, 36% of hiring managers are more confident in the final results of recruits who use pre-employment tests when compared to those who do not.

Pre-employment tests provide many advantages that you can’t get if you don’t want to implement them. Well, for those of you who are still hesitant to use pre-employment tests, here we will discuss 5 common misconceptions about pre-employment tests and why pre-employment tests are very important for your organization’s recruitment process.

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4 Misconceptions About Pre-Employment Tests

1. An interview is Better Than Pre-Employment Test

finding the best candidates than pre-employment tests. On the other hand, several other recruiters also think that the pre-employment test is better.

Both interviews and pre-employment tests are very important in the recruitment process. However, it will be more effective if you use both to get
maximum results.

Interviews have many weaknesses, one of which is very time-consuming and prone to hiring bias. The reason is that the assessment is done personally. It is different from the pre-employment test which is based on data and has been tested for reliability.

Using a pre-employment test will make the assessment more objective. You can test several things on candidates such as hard skills, personality, work motivation, and suitability for the company.

Combining the two approaches, namely interview and pre-employment test, will help you to get to know the candidate more accurately.

2. Pre-Employment Test Takes a Long Time and Lengthens Recruitment Process

Many recruiters think that pre-employment tests are very time-consuming and prolong the recruitment process.
This assumption is not true, pre-employment tests make the recruitment process easier and faster to find the best candidates.

When a company opens a job vacancy, there will usually be hundreds or even thousands of candidates applying. This of course will cost you a lot of time to select them.

With the pre-employment test, you can quickly assess hundreds of candidates effectively. You don’t have to go through one-on-one screening to find potential candidates. You only need to provide an assessment and pass candidates who complete it to move on to the next stage.

In addition, the pre-employment test is also very fast and can be done online wherever the candidate is. Assessment work usually only takes 10 minutes to 2 hours for each pre-employment test. Even candidates can complete it within 15-30 minutes.

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3. Cheating Can Easily Occur During Assessment Process

Cheating committed by candidates is one of the things that makes recruiters hesitate to apply pre-employment tests to their company’s recruitment process.

But you don’t have to worry about that. You can do real-time pre-employment tests and now there are many tools can detect fraud committed by candidates

4. Pre-Employment Test is Very Expensive

Costs for pre-employment tests are less when compared to bad hiring costs. Bad hiring takes a toll on the company and provides many other downsides. You certainly don’t want that to happen, do you?

With a pre-employment test, you can avoid this, so there’s nothing wrong with spending a little money on an investment in a pre-employment test compared to having to suffer losses due to bad hiring.

Those are some common misconceptions about pre-employment tests. If you are still unsure about applying it in the recruitment process, you can entrust the pre-employment test to Algobash to assess candidates effectively and objectively.

Prove Misconceptions About Pre-Employment Tests Wrong With Algobash

Algobash is a pre-employment test platform that is perfect for all positions and the perfect solution to address your concerns about pre-employment tests.

Algobash helps you to find the best candidates quickly, easily, objectively, and affordable. There are many interesting features that you can use, starting from coding tests, project-based tests, interview tests, case study tests, competition-based recruitment, and talent pools.

You only need to use Algobash for all kinds of tests on one platform. Algobash also gives you the freedom to do a pre-employment test based on the questions in the database or adapt it to your company’s standards.

If you are interested in knowing more information about Algobash. Visit our website Algobash.com and start recruiting the best candidates for your company!

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