Meet 4 DISC Personality Characters

In the recruitment process, after taking the MBTI test, applicants will be given the DISC test which divides their personality into four types. The DISC Personality test can be used to determine a candidate’s personality and behavior in the workplace. The benefits of this test are to improve relationships between employees, develop skills, and also place them in the right position. The four characters in the DISC test will be further explained about their strengths as follows.

Dominance Personality

The first personality that can be obtained is someone who has a D or dominance personality. This personality type, they are ambitious, honest and straightforward, and also firm. This type of personality is friendly with conflict, so it doesn’t matter if there is conflict because they have the ability to control the situation. The D character also has a greater desire than the sensitivity they have.

The strengths and weaknesses of the D character in DISC Personality are:

  • This personality type does not mind working under pressure.
  • Have the ability to communicate directly using facts and wanting real results.
  • Can create a competitive work environment and like challenges.
  • Has a character who likes control and autonomy in their work.
  • Needs solutions to problems quickly, so they rarely involve others.
  • Not too detailed, making their work faster.
  • Impatient in the process and detailed instructions.
  • Has high dominance, so they can be aggressive with others when limiting the autonomy and authority they have.
  • Causes others to be under pressure, making others stressed.

Influence Personality

The next personality in DISC personality is the one who has an influence character. This personality type likes fun and is easy to approach. Someone who has an influencing personality is friendly, attractive, confident, and has a large social environment. They also enjoy spending time with both known and new people. The Influence personality is enthusiastic about starting new projects so that they can channel their ideas. People with this personality type are also dynamic so they often switch tasks, projects, and jobs they have.

The strengths and weaknesses of the influence personality are:

  • This character has a priority to be able to establish relationships with many people.
  • Use group brainstorming to solve problems.
  • Can provide verbal encouragement to make others develop.
  • Can communicate expressively, spontaneously, and emotionally.
  • Can bring enjoyable working energy to the team they have.
  • Too optimistic in facing something.
  • Difficulty following routines and consistent schedules.
  • Unable to limit the time used for others.
  • Easily distracted, making it difficult to focus.
  • Slow to make decisions because of many considerations and avoiding decisions immediately.

Submission Personality

The DISC Personality in the next Submission personality is known as a quiet and calm person. This personality is someone who is loyal in relationships, sympathetic, and also has strength in listening to others well. So this person is known as a stable and calm person. The S personality type in DISC Personality has advantages and disadvantages as follows:

  • Have good accuracy and can check tasks regularly.
  • Able to face questions that come patiently and give feedback regularly.
  • Able to meet needs and give attention to others.
  • Unable to communicate directly with negative information.
  • Too passive because they are not firm because they care too much about others.
  • Avoids conflict so that they do not get results and feedback when problems occur.
  • Delay decisions when experiencing personal conflicts.

Compliance Personality

The last DISC Personality is someone who has a C or Compliance personality. People who have this type of personality, are analytical, interested in processes and structures, and also follow rules. This character is someone who prioritizes logic and tends to be skeptical. Compliance personality can work together with a team and is also good at working alone because they are a natural problem solver.

For the strengths and weaknesses of this Compliance personality type are as follows:

  • Make the right decisions by thinking about various aspects, so they make the best decisions.
  • Work by following clear procedures and giving tasks appropriately.
  • Solve problems faced with a methodical approach.
  • Provide tasks and feedback in writing.
  • Looking for perfect solutions and making decisions, so it takes a long time. They usually look for information first, assess risks, and then make decisions.
  • Do not use a systematic approach to organize their work.
  • Too detailed, so they often check which raises more questions.
  • Provide complicated solutions to problems that are actually simple.

The above four personalities are obtained by following the DISC personality test. The test is required by companies to recruit the best candidates who are suitable for the company’s working conditions and methods. To provide this test, companies can use the services of Algobash, which provides the best employee recruitment services. Algobash has various tests, so the recruitment results obtained will provide the most superior and suitable candidates for the company. Contact Algobash to use this recruitment service.

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