How to Improve Social Media Recruitment Strategy

How to Improve Social Media Recruitment Strategy

During an increasingly advanced era, competition in the world of work is becoming very competitive. Today, it’s not just applicants who are competing for jobs at the companies they want. However, companies also compete to recruit the best potential employees. Many ways are usually done to screen top talent, one of the most effective is social media recruitment.

Utilizing social media as a means of recruiting prospective employees is not something new. This method has become one of the popular strategies that have been used by many companies in the recruitment process and maybe your company is also one that has done it.

Although it has been used very often, the process of social media recruitment is not easy. A recruiter must know the various strategies that can be done so that recruitment through social media runs effectively and achieves goals that are under the company’s objectives.

There are several ways you can make social media recruitment work effectively. As for some of these ways, Algobash has presented complete information below!

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An effective strategy to increase social media recruitment

Check out some of the ways that Algobash provides below to increase the effectiveness of social media recruitment.

1. Empower employees to promote the company’s brand (employee advocacy)

One of the best ways to do this is through employee advocacy. The point is to empower employees who are currently working at your company to be involved in the recruitment process by sharing or promoting posts related to the company such as job vacancies or company culture.

This method is quite effective for recruiting more potential candidates, imagine if you have 100 employees and each of them has 150 connections on their social media. Then the company can capture at least 15 thousand people to find out information about your company.

In addition, employee advocacy is also considered more effective than just using the company’s social media. Moreover, followers or connections owned by employees usually have higher engagement than those who follow the company’s social media profiles.

2. Increase company social media profile for search

In contrast to posting job vacancies on job portals that can attract active candidates, using social media as a means to conduct the recruitment process allows you to find more passive candidates.

However, even so, you must still make social media profiles and company job postings easy for active applicants to reach.

The way that can be done to make it easier for active candidates to easily find your company profile is by entering several things such as what the company’s industry is, location to posts stating that your company is opening vacancies.

For every job posting that is shared, also make sure to write down the location and the position or job title that is needed. The more detailed you share information on social media, the easier it will be for active candidates to access it.

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3. Know on which platforms target candidates gather online

The next effective way that can be done is by approaching the target candidate that your company wants to achieve.

Finding the best potential employees is the same as finding customers in marketing. You have to approach them first to get maximum results.

Know what platforms are used by most of the target candidates you want to reach. If the company is opening a job vacancy for a position related to Design, then the platforms you can use are Instagram or Dribble because usually these two platforms are often used by designers to share their work.

Likewise, with other positions, find out where the target spends time online.

Knowing the various platforms that are often used by target candidates will make it easier for you to recruit prospective employees specifically and effectively.

4. Use social media that has advanced search features

In addition to knowing the platforms that are widely used by the target candidate, the least effective way to increase social media recruitment is to use a platform that has powerful search features. This is done so that your company can take a more specific approach.

Currently, many social media have complete search features and you can use them to find the ideal employee. Some of the social media recommendations that are effectively used are LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and recently there is Tiktok Resume.

Social media is very suitable for use in searching for candidates. Like LinkedIn, which was created as a platform that was designed for business social media. Of course, LinkedIn has a lot of features that you can take advantage of, such as a powerful search feature, getting smart recommendations, and can even being integrated with the applicant tracking system.

Likewise, Facebook, Twitter, and Tiktok Resumes also have powerful features for finding the ideal candidate.

Well, those are some ways or strategies you can do to increase recruitment through social media. Finding the ideal candidate does require careful planning and strategy to achieve the best results. So, try to follow the various tips above to get the best results too.

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