How to Hire Gen-Z

How to Hire Gen-Z: 5 Effective Ways You Should Do

Each generation has its characteristics that are different from one another. This greatly affects how companies should behave when they want to recruit talent from a certain generation. When you want top talent from Generation Z or better known as Gen-Z, there are many strategies or ways to hire Gen-Z that can be done.

An organization must not impose the old ways on Generation Z if it wants to find the best candidate. That is why a recruiter needs to understand more deeply the characters they have.

For example, when an organization wants to recruit Generation Z candidates, it uses a new method that is slightly different from when recruiting millennials and vice versa.

After knowing very well who exactly Generation Z the company will be dealing with, then determining various recruitment strategies that are adjusted to the research results obtained regarding the characteristics of Generation Z.

However, you don’t have to worry about thinking about it because in this article Algobash has prepared several ways to effectively recruit the Z-gen. What are those? read more below.

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Tips for Hire Gen-Z

Generation Z has different characteristics from millennials and generations X. So make a strategy that can attract their attention to join your company. Leave the old ways that you usually use when conducting the recruitment process. Several effective strategies can be done to attract their interest, namely:

5 Ways to Hire Gen-Z You Can Do

1. Use the online approach

Generation Z is a very digitally literate generation. Having a good online presence is an advantage for companies looking to attract top talent of Generation Z to join the team.

Optimize social media or company-owned websites by sharing some things that can build a good company brand image. You can share some content related to company culture or recruitment vacancies.

If your company has a good online presence, then this will attract a lot of Generation Z to join your team

2. Offer an attractive position

Generation Z will be more attracted to companies that offer a job position that has an interesting role and can make them proud because they have become a very important part of a company. So, emphasize the role of the job position you are offering and how important it is to the company.

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3. Offer self-development and an interesting career path

In addition to offering an attractive position, you can offer attractive benefits as well. Generation Z will be more attracted to companies that can offer opportunities for personal and career development.

Offer them that your company supports employee development by providing some training that can improve their competence and skills that can help them to get a good career path.

Besides being able to attract Generation Z to join, this method can also help you to retain them when they become employees so that employee turnover can be minimized.

4. Show that your company has a positive organizational culture

Working in a company that has a good organizational culture is something that everyone desires, including Generation Z. Show them that your company has this, there are many ways you can do to show the company’s organizational culture, one of which is by building employer branding.

5. Take advantage of visual content

As previously mentioned, Generation Z is a digital native. This makes them grow in the middle of the multimedia era. They are used to using several visual technologies such as social media Instagram, Youtube, and others.

Take this opportunity to promote your company by sharing some creative visual content about your company using social media or websites.

This method will also help you to increase your company’s online or social media presence.

Well, that’s information about several ways to recruit Gen-Z to find the best candidates. If you want to recruit the best generation Z talent more effectively, you can use Algobash’s assessment tools to assess a candidate’s abilities ranging from hard skills, soft skills, and even compatibility with the company. If you are interested, visit our website for more information.

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