How to Hire Employees For Cultural Fit

How to Hire Employees For Cultural Fit – One of the most important things to consider when recruiting prospective employees is the suitability of the organizational culture in your company. However, finding the right candidate is not easy. That is why you need to know various strategies or ways to recruit employees that fit the company culture.

There are many reasons why cultural fit is something you need to prioritize. According to research conducted by TeamStage, company culture has an influence of 46% on job applicants. This suggests that companies should involve cultural fit assessment in the recruitment process along with skills and experience.

Then, how do hire employees for cultural fit? Well, if you want to find out then this article is very appropriate to read because we will present the review for you.

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What is Company Culture?

Company culture or also known as corporate culture is a collection of morals, values, norms, expectations, and practices followed by people in the company.

In other words, company culture can also be interpreted as a value and principle that is embedded, grows, and develops in an organization which is then used as a foothold or basis for thinking, behaving, and so on.

Many people see that company culture is one of the most influential things to shape what a company looks like. Where later, the culture is passed down when there is regeneration.

Company culture greatly affects quality. If a company has a good culture, this can increase employee loyalty and work productivity.

However, if a company has a bad culture then it can make the company look dysfunctional and have low levels of productivity, efficiency, and employee engagement.

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Why Does Company Culture Matter?

Why is company culture important? There will be many reasons that can be put forward to answer this question. To better understand it, here we present some reasons why corporate culture is so important:

Help raise company standards: establishing a company culture can help you grow your company’s business. The principles or values ​​of daily work can help employees to work according to the standards that have been set.

  • Help create a company brand: Corporate culture has a lot to do with your brand image on the outside. How you work will affect the company’s brand. Having a great company culture will help you to build a good brand and help you attract the right customers or clients.
  • Helps increase loyalty: One of the biggest factors that keep employees in a company is the work environment. If your company has a good, positive, and comfortable work environment for employees, then this will increase their chances of working longer hours.
  • Can attract top talent: Not only can it help you get the right customers and clients, but company culture can also help you attract top talent.
  • Encouraging welfare and productivity: A good corporate culture will greatly affect the level of happiness of employees, this of course can help them to work more productively but still prosper without pressure.
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How To Hire Employees For Cultural Fit?

After understanding at a glance what is company culture and what its benefits are. You may have been wondering about how to hire employees for cultural fit.

Finding the best candidate who fits the culture of your company is certainly not an easy task. You need to implement several strategies to make it happen.

So, what is the strategy like? The following is a list of how to hire employees for a cultural fit you can do:

This is How to Hire Employees for Cultural Fit

1. Creating Job Ads That Are Following The Work Culture

The first way you can do this is to create job advertisements that are appropriate to the work culture. In addition to telling the skills, competencies, and experience you need. 

Job advertisements must also explain several things such as company background, work environment, and other important things related to your company culture. 

You can also list some requirements around what kind of culture the candidate is expected to have.

2. Involving Cultural Fit Assessment To Select Candidates

Second, you can give a test to determine whether or not the candidate fits into the company culture. 

There are many types of tests that you can give, ranging from skill tests, personality tests, face-to-face tests, and others. 

You also don’t need to be confused about how to give an accurate test because now many platforms provide cultural fit assessments that can be used.

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3. Behavioral Interview

Third, you can assess whether or not the candidate fits the company culture through a behavioral interview. A behavioral interview is an interview technique by asks several questions about how a candidate handles a situation related to work.

Ask the candidate some questions such as how they deal with difficult situations at work, what kind of work environment they like, what they value, how they work together, and so on.

These questions will help you do an assessment and see if the candidate fits the company culture or not.

4. Involving Employees in the Recruitment Process

This method is not a new strategy for recruiting prospective employees. Many companies involve employees in their companies to recruit candidates, for example by conducting user interviews.

However, usually, during user interviews, the company only involves the team leader or manager. For maximum results, you can involve other employees who have the same job position as the position applied for by the candidate.

This is because employees will understand what the position is like. In addition, employees also have knowledge related to the specific culture that is owned by each department in the company.


Choosing the best candidate for your company can not only be judged from one aspect. You have to carefully consider which candidate is right, such as having skills, competencies, experience, morals, values, and how to work. So you can recruit candidates who are truly balanced and following the company so that you can minimize the chance of bad hires that are detrimental.

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