How to Get an Internship

How to Get an Internship

The internship must be familiar to students. Even in some universities, internships have even become one of the mandatory activities that students must participate in.

Apart from being a mandatory program on campus, internships are also currently a trend among students. Over the past few years, many students have actively participated in internships in several companies.

Internships have many benefits, one of which is that they can improve your skills, gain experience, and introduce you to the real work environment. In addition, internships can also be a plus for you when you want to apply for jobs later because many companies want experienced candidates.

But unfortunately to get an internship at a university is not easy. You have to compete with thousands of other candidates who are also applying for the same position. Well, for those of you who currently want to do an internship, in this article Algobash will give you some tips on how to get an internship.

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So, How to Get an Internship?

Currently, there are many companies that open internship vacancies for students. To pass the selection, here are some tips on how to get an internship. What are those? here’s how:

This is How to Get an Internship:

1. Compose Your Best Resume

The first tip to getting accepted for an internship is to prepare a CV or resume as well as possible. A resume is very important when you apply for a job, whether it’s an internship, part-time, or full-time.

Compose a good resume that can attract the attention of recruiters from the company you are applying for. Make sure you briefly explain information about yourself such as skills, education, and work experience that you have done before.

Well, for those of you who have worked or participated in internships, there are some tips to consider when compiling a resume to make it look more attractive. Some of the tips are as follows:

  • Briefly describe each of your work experiences, you can measure achievements qualitatively such as using percentages or other number scales that can be objectively assessed by recruiters.
  • The resume should be concise, concise, clear, and easy to understand.
  • Mention your skills and achievements during college that match the internship position you are applying for.

Well, if you have never had work experience before. You can follow some of these tips to create an attractive resume:

  • List the training or courses you have attended and according to the internship position applied for.
  • List achievements and other achievements following the internship position during college.
  • Include volunteer experience, organizational membership, and event committees that you have participated in.
  • Include campus projects such as research or competitions that you have done before.
  • List only various experiences relevant to the internship position.
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2. Create an Attractive Cover Letter

A cover letter or job application letter is also one of the most important things when applying for an internship position. Make a cover letter as well as possible so that it can attract the attention of recruiters. You must be able to demonstrate a strong desire for an internship position and why you are a good candidate for the position you are applying for.

3. Prepare Portfolio

The next tip to getting accepted for an internship is to prepare an attractive portfolio. Although not all companies provide requirements for submitting a portfolio, having a portfolio will certainly be an added value for you.

Especially if you are applying for a position that requires certain skills such as content writer, copywriter, graphic designer, and so on. If you’ve had an internship or freelance experience before, you can list some of the best work in your portfolio.

However, if you have never had this experience, you can include other projects related to internship positions such as college assignments, competitions, and so on.

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4. Actively Looking for Internships Through Social Media

To always be up-to-date with information on internship vacancies, you can use social media. Currently, many Instagram accounts provide information about internship vacancies, you can use them to find out if there are positions that match your interests or not.

5. Active on LinkedIn or Other Job Search Platforms

Besides being active through social media, you can also be active on more professional job portal platforms such as LinkedIn, Glints, and many more. 

Through these platforms, there will usually be a lot of information about job vacancies, both full-time and internships. 

In addition, platforms like LinkedIn also usually connect with HRD or recruiters, build a good connection with them to increase your chances of passing the selection when there are other internship vacancies in the future.

6.Apply according to your interests and talents

The way to quickly get accepted for the last internship is to apply for an internship position that matches your interests and talents. 

Do not register yourself for several internship vacancies that do not match your abilities or experience because it will only drain your energy, recruiters will usually choose candidates who are under the position they are opening.

So, that’s the information about several ways to quickly get accepted as an apprentice that Algobash can convey. Hope it’s useful!

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