Getting to Know 16 Personalities Based on MBTI

Talking about personality, each person has a different one. It will affect how they solve problems and how they work on a daily basis. It can even determine career development in the future, so it is important to know it. Among the tests used to determine a person’s personality type is MBTI. Based on this test, there are 16 different personalities, which are as follows:

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The Inspector

People with the inspector personality type are generally quiet and practical. They like tranquility and order in every aspect of their life, including work, home, and family. Those with this personality type also value loyalty to others and often emphasize tradition in their work.

The Crafter

The second personality type is the crafter, who are people who enjoy having time to think for themselves. They are known to be independent and prefer to work alone so that they can hone their skills. They also enjoy action, new experiences, and new activities. They prefer to work at their own pace without any pressure.

The Protector

The most common personality type is the protector, warm and straightforward in their ways. People in this category are generally efficient and responsible. They pay attention to detail in their daily lives.

The Artist

Among the 16 personalities, not many have a personality type like this. This group has an open mind and is enthusiastic about life with new experiences. Those who have this personality type are warm and grounded. They have the ability to feel emotions as a skilled artist.

The Advocate

The advocate is one of the rarest 16 personalities. These are people who approach life with deep attention and imagination. Their vision is related to human values and they want to guide in every aspect of life. Many of them become philanthropists. They are typically idealistic and willing to help those in need.

The Mediator

The mediator is described as an idealistic and altruistic personality type, which tends to be introverted, idealistic, and creative. They are driven by high values and have a strong interest in making the world a better place than before.

The Architect

They are problem-solvers, talented and passionate about improving life through innovative ideas. They have the ability to see possibilities for improvement in the workplace, home, and within themselves. Among the 16 personalities, they are also known as intellectuals because they enjoy logical and strategic reasoning in solving problems.

The Thinker

Those with this personality type are known for being quiet and analytical. They spend more time alone thinking about how things work and finding solutions to the problems they encounter.

The Entrepreneur

The entrepreneur is an energetic and action-oriented personality type. They are quick and able to navigate any opportunity that comes their way, making the most of it. They are able to socialize well and have dreams they are pursuing.

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The Executive

The executive is a form of firm leader. People with this type of personality are often firm and reliable leaders. They can offer solutions in the midst of difficulties.

The Performer

They are people who like to discover new things and live passionately in a crowded environment, with a high social spirit. With their social spirit, they also encourage others to do similar activities.

The Caregiver

The personality type is known as a motherly figure because they care, are friendly, loyal, organized, and gentle. They gain energy by interacting with others.

The Protagonist

Described as warm, friendly, and sensitive. They are considered a “people person” because they can form friendships with various other personality types well. Even with close people.

The Campaigner

People with this type of personality tend to embrace big ideas and visions, reflecting good intentions and good faith toward others. They also have a life full of energy or passion.

The Commander

They play an important role as a leader and firm and achievement-oriented people. For people like this, the most important thing is to have the courage to follow their heart. They know what they want and what they need to do.

The Debater

The last of the 16 personalities is the debater, bold and creative. They like to deconstruct ideas with their intellectual abilities. They are passionate about pursuing goals, even though they face many obstacles.

Those are at least the 16 personalities obtained based on the MBTI test. Among the companies in Indonesia that have experience and are widely chosen for assessments or evaluations is Algobash, which works based on technology so that the results are faster and more accurate.

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