Pay Attention to These 5 Skills to Find The Best Digital Marketer

Digital Marketer: Pay Attention to These 5 Skills!

In this technological era, digital marketer is the heart of the company marketing and sales division. How not, many companies are starting to expand their business digitally to market their products online. That’s why companies are aggressively recruiting digital marketers to increase sales.

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To find the best digital marketer candidates, of course, you have to consider many things, because a digital marketer must have many skills and strategies so that online marketing runs smoothly and achieves goals.

So what are must-have skills? Well, for those of you who are looking for a digital marketer, don’t forget to read this article to get the right candidate.

Pay Attention to These Skills

In this article, Algobash has summarized some of the essential digital marketing skills

1. Understand SEO and SEM

Digital marketing means doing marketing digitally, so the first skill a digital marketer must have is knowing strategies for online marketing. A reliable digital marketer must at least know the basic SEO and SEM strategies. With these two things, the company’s website traffic will increase and this will greatly affect sales.

2. Copywriting Skills

A digital marketer is not only required to be able to advertise but is also required to have good writing skills. So, if you want to find a digital marketer candidate, don’t just focus on advertising skills, but also consider candidates who have good writing and storytelling skills.

3. Digital Marketer Need to Analyze Data

Digital marketing will always be related to data. Yes, they’re required to be able to analyze it. There is a lot of data to analyze later, so if you want to find the right candidate you should consider this skill.

4. Social Media Literacy

Apart from websites, social media is an ideal platform for digital marketing. Nowadays almost everyone has a social media account such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even LinkedIn. This is an opportunity that they can take advantage of to do marketing. Therefore, a digital marketer must understand very well the ins and outs of social media and always be updated about trends.

5. Knowing Online Advertising Tools for Digital Marketer

Online marketing of products or services owned by the company will certainly not be separated from advertising. So it would be better if they know the tools that can be used to advertise on the internet such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

So, those are some of the skills that a digital marketer must-have. Finding the best candidate is certainly not an easy thing, you have to be selective in choosing it. You can consider the skills above so you don’t choose the wrong candidate to work for the company.

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