Coding Test Tips: 5 Small Things That Have a Big Impact on Your Coding Test

Coding Test Tips: 5 Small Things That Have a Big Impact on Your Coding Test

Coding Test Tips: 5 Small Things That Have a Big Impact – Having a dream to have a career as a developer means that you have to be ready to face all the challenges in it, including coding tests. The coding test is an important stage for developers who are following the recruitment process and must be prepared as well as possible because it is one of the determinants of whether or not a developer is recruited by the company.

The coding test is an early stage of the screening phase to screen the best developers who will proceed to the next recruitment stage. Through the coding test, you will be given several questions that must be solved. This of course requires you to show maximum programming skills in solving some of these problems.

Facing a coding test is not an easy thing, many developers can’t complete it well so they can’t go to the next stage. You certainly don’t want that to happen, do you? To avoid this, you can follow some of the coding test tips below.

So what coding test tips need to be done? If you are curious, read more information in the following Algobash review.

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What are the Coding Test Tips?

The following are some small steps you can take in dealing with coding tests to get maximum results:

5 Coding Test Tips That Can Help You Complete It Maximum

1. Leave the best comment to explain your framework

Facing a coding test is one of the most stressful things. Relax, take a deep enough breath, and don’t let it disperse your concentration to provide the best solution in solving the problem.

You must be able to convey your thought process well to recruiters or reviewers through a series of code that you write. To explain it well, try to follow these tips:

  1. Explain what you wrote or typed as best you can.
  2. Follow a good coding style and structure the code as well as possible (for example using variable names by including functions and classes if needed).
  3. Tell the recruiter or reviewer what you understand about the algorithm.
  4. If you are taking a whiteboard coding interview, pay attention to your writing when instructed to write it on the blackboard. Make sure that what you write is organized, easy to read, and understandable.
  5. Don’t be too quiet for long periods.

2. Make Code Easy to Read

As explained in the first tip, one of the ways to explain the thought process of coding is to make it easy to read. This is done because the code you write will be read by the reviewer.

There are several tips that you can do to make the code easy to read, namely:

  1. Be careful when assigning class names, methods/functions, and variables. Avoid using a single name, use a name that is easy to remember and can represent the contents of the variable. You should be able to describe well what you are naming.
  2. Break the code into several steps or small steps. Many people are reluctant to read a very long sentence. So, break the code you wrote into small steps using the extract function method.
  3. Do not give long and wordy comments to explain the code so that it is easily understood by reviewers. Better to use code that is easy to understand than having to write long comments.

3. Give Your Best Solution

A coding test can be said as a stage to show developer skills to recruiters. So, give them the best solution. To do the coding test challenges to the fullest, you can follow the following ways:

1. Understand the problem given

Most instructor coding tests are given in the written form, so read them calmly and carefully. Make sure that you can understand it clearly. If you do a live coding test interview, you can confirm to the recruiter that what you understand about the scope of the question is correct.

2. Solve the problem

Before coding, you have to solve the given problem first. To solve it you can divide the problem into small things so that it is easy to understand and solve separately. If you feel that the solution you provide is not the optimal way to solve it. You can use this method by saying “The common approach is…”

3. coding

4. Review the code you wrote

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4. Use the best possible time to complete it

You will be challenged to complete a coding test in the not-too-distant future. Usually, each company conducts a coding test for approximately 45 minutes. To complete the coding test more effectively in a fairly limited time, you can follow the time-division below:

  1. Understand the given problem (5 minutes)
  2. Troubleshoot (10 minutes)
  3. Coding (20 minutes)
  4. Review the code you wrote (5 minutes)

5. Don’t Copy and Paste Other Solutions

Make sure that the solution you provide in solving the problem does not copy-paste solutions from other people. Many companies use coding test technology that can detect fraud.

If you are caught copy-pasting, this will certainly greatly affect the assessment of the reviewer or recruiter. You can be blacklisted as a candidate who can continue to follow the next recruitment process. So, try to provide the best solution without copying other solutions.

So, those are some coding test tips that you can do. Can some of the things that Algobash wrote above help you to prepare for coding tests carefully? If not, you can join Algobash to practice improving your coding skills and get hired from well-known tech companies.

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