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Class Coding: Why its Importance for HR Recruitment?

As HR managers, it is essential to find the best candidates for job vacancies. In today’s digital age, there are various technological tools available to assist in the recruitment process. One such tool is class coding.

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What is Class Coding?

Class coding is a method of coding job vacancies to ensure that they are advertised in the most relevant places. This coding system uses a combination of letters and numbers to categorize job vacancies by industry and job function.

For example, a job vacancy for a software developer in the banking industry would be coded as ‘IT/BANK/SD’. This code would help to ensure that the job vacancy is advertised on relevant job boards and websites.

The Benefits of Class Coding

Using this class in HR recruitment can provide several benefits, including:

Improved Candidate Quality

By advertising job vacancies in the most relevant places, HR managers can attract candidates with the relevant skills and experience for the job. This can lead to a higher quality of candidates and a more successful recruitment process.

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Time and Cost Savings

This coding can help HR managers to save time and money by ensuring that job vacancies are advertised in the most effective places. This can reduce the need for expensive recruitment agencies and save time on sifting through unsuitable applications.

How Algobash can Help

Algobash is an online platform that provides class coding for HR recruitment. By using Algobash, HR managers can ensure that their job vacancies are advertised in the most relevant places and attract the best candidates.

Algobash also provides a range of other recruitment tools, including AI-powered candidate screening and interview scheduling. These tools can help to streamline the recruitment process and make it more efficient.


In conclusion, class coding is an essential tool for HR managers looking to improve their recruitment process. By using this class, HR managers can attract the best candidates and save time and money in the process. Algobash is an excellent platform for HR managers looking to utilize class coding and other recruitment tools. Try Algobash today and experience the benefits for yourself.

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