Behavioral Event Interview Definition, Benefits, How It Works, and Tips to Conduct It!

Behavioral Event Interview: Definition, Benefits, How It Works, and Tips to Conduct It!

The recruitment process carried out by companies is dynamic. Recruiters can employ various techniques or methods to acquire exceptional talents. In the interview stage, there are many techniques of interview methods that can be used, one of which is the Behavioral Event Interview (BEI).

The Behavioral Event Interview combines situational and behavioral questions for candidates. This technique is a valuable asset for recruiters as it helps assess the candidate’s past behaviors in specific job-related situations.

For those who want to learn more about what a Behavioral Event Interview is, below is a comprehensive overview provided by Algobash, covering its definition, benefits, how it works, and tips on using it.

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What is a Behavioral Event Interview?

Before delving into other discussions, the first thing to do is to understand what is meant by a Behavioral Event Interview.

The Behavioral Event Interview is a structured and systematic method or approach used to interview potential employees with the aim of uncovering their past behaviors in specific scenarios.

In simple terms, BEI can be understood as an interview technique that asks candidates to explain specific situations or experiences from their previous jobs.

This interview technique doesn’t just provide hypothetical questions; instead, it seeks to provide a variety of questions that delve into real situations the candidate has experienced in situations relevant to the job or position they are applying for.

By exploring how candidates responded in real contexts, BEI provides diverse insights into their potential contributions in the future.

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What is the Benefit of a Behavioral Event Interview?

There are numerous job interview techniques that can be used for candidates. Each type naturally has its functions or advantages, including the Behavioral Event Interview. The functions or advantages of this interview method include:

  1. More Precise Prediction: BEI helps recruiters predict the future performance of potential employees upon joining the company. Through these interview questions, candidates provide real examples of their track record at work, giving recruiters insight into how candidates make decisions, resolve conflicts, and solve problems.
  2. Minimizing Bias: Biased assessments are common in the interview process, whether consciously or not. This issue can influence the recruiter’s final judgment in selecting the right candidate. With BEI, you can minimize bias by focusing on actual experiences or proven events rather than assumptions or thoughts.
  3. Role Relevance: BEI can also be designed to formulate questions specific to the required role or position. This relevance ensures that the evaluation aligns with the competencies needed for the position.
  4. Consistent Assessment: Besides minimizing biased judgments, BEI also helps recruiters maintain consistent evaluations. Each candidate is assessed based on the same standards or criteria, making the interview more structured.
  5. Enhancing Candidate Understanding: BEI guides candidates to gain deeper insights. This technique helps candidates gain a comprehensive view of their problem-solving abilities and interpersonal skills.
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How to Conduct a Behavioral Event Interview?

The Behavioral Event Interview technique differs from other interview methods. Therefore, to use or conduct it in the interview process, several steps must be taken. Here’s how to conduct a BEI:

  1. Prepare Questions: Recruiters should start by identifying the competencies or key elements needed for the desired role or position. Then, formulate questions that align with these competencies.
  2. Ensure Diverse Questions: Ensure that the prepared questions are diverse to explore and understand the candidate’s abilities comprehensively. Combine questions that explore various competencies to present a complete picture.
  3. Guide Candidates to Narrate Experiences: During the interview, guide candidates to narrate specific examples of when they faced challenges or complex situations. These stories or narratives serve as sources for evaluating their abilities.
  4. Actively Listen: Actively listen during the Behavioral Event Interview to make candidates feel valued and understood. This also helps unearth deeper insights about the candidates.
  5. Evaluate Answers in Detail: Listen to and evaluate each answer provided by the candidate in detail to gain comprehensive insights into the candidate’s role, motivation, actions, decision-making, and outcomes.
  6. Evaluate Answers Against Criteria: Evaluate each participant’s response based on predetermined criteria. This ensures that recruiters can provide objective assessments.
  7. Make Comparisons: Once all interviews are completed, compare the behaviors and competencies displayed by candidates during the interviews for more strategic evaluations.
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In conclusion, the Behavioral Event Interview is an informed interview method in today’s recruitment landscape. This technique provides meaningful insights into the candidate’s real experiences, enabling recruiters to make more precise predictions about a candidate’s success and reduce bias-driven assessments for a more strategic and effective recruitment and evaluation process.

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