Algobash Empowers Women Programmers Through KKC 2022

Algobash Empowers Women Programmers Through KKC 2022

Algobash Empowers Women Programmers Through Coding Competition 2022 – After successfully holding the largest coding competition in Indonesia, Code Run in 2021, in 2022 Algobash again held a series of coding competitions through the KKC (Kartini Koding Challenge) in collaboration with two digital companies, Evermos and BASE.

Kartini Koding Challenge is a coding competition specifically dedicated to welcoming Kartini Day 2022. Unlike last year’s competition which was open to the public. KKC 2022 can only be participated by female programmers throughout Indonesia.

Through this competition, Algobash seeks to support gender equality in the tech industry by providing space for Indonesian women who have interests and talents in the world of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

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Followed by Hundreds of Women Programmers with Different Backgrounds

From its opening on March 28, 2022, to April 20, 2022, KKC has received very high enthusiasm. This coding competition was participated by 300+ Indonesian women from various regions. They come from different backgrounds but have the same dream, which is to work in the programming world.

Most of the participants in this competition are students who are pursuing undergraduate, diploma, and high school education with educational backgrounds in Informatics, Computer Engineering, and other engineering majors.

The Most Mastered Programming Language KKC 2022 Participants

On average, participants also have basic programming skills and are very capable. They have mastered several popular programming languages ​​such as Javascript, Python, C++, JAVA, PHP, and so on.

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KKC 2022 Helps Companies Recruit Top Talent Developers

Aside from being a place to show off the skills possessed by participants. KKC is also an opportunity for Indonesian women to get jobs in the positions they dream of.

Algobash provides an opportunity for participants who have good skills and performance to be able to conduct job interviews with sponsoring companies..

Algobash sees that the opportunities for female programmers to be able to work are minimal. The involvement of women in technical positions has a very large impact.

Even according to research, even though the involvement of women in the IT industry is only 11%, they have a very significant role in the progress of the team.

KKC 2022 is a hope that Algobash has carried for a long time. This competition can also be a means for companies to find new seeds in the programming field among the participants. In addition, this competition can motivate Indonesian women to continue to develop their potential as developers.

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