10 Interview Questions and Answers That Job Seekers Should Keep In Mind

Getting a job nowadays is tough. It’s even harder in Indonesia because there are fewer job openings compared to the large number of people looking for work. That’s why the number of unemployed people in Indonesia is increasing. One of the most important sessions in a job search is the interview. This session will determine whether you are fit for the company or not. So beforehand, you should also learn about the 10 interview questions and answers that are often asked.

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The interview is super important. It’s when the company decides if they’ll hire you or not. That’s why it’s crucial to do well. Here are some common questions asked in interviews and how to answer them:

  1. Tell me about yourself, this is a question that will arise during the interview session, where the recruiter allows the candidate to tell about himself, as well as the reasons why the candidate is suitable to fill the place or position. It is quite basic but important to master, starting from the fact that you have to tell about yourself in detail then also the address of residence to the educational background, because it will be a plus if the education is following what is needed by the company.
  2. Mention your strengths, another example of an interview question is being asked to mention what are the strengths of the candidate. because the recruiter himself certainly wants to know what is a plus or advantage possessed by the candidate, so that it can make the recruiter accept you. Before answering it, what must be done here is to find out about what skills or skills you have and can be related to the desired position. In addition, this advantage can also be in the form of traits such as diligence, discipline, tenacity, and so on. Tell me also that these advantages can be useful for the field of work you want to apply for.
  3. What are your weaknesses? In addition to strengths, other things that recruiters will also ask about are related to weaknesses or shortcomings. It’s best not to answer that you have no weaknesses because it’s too arrogant. Just answer what you think is a weakness and how to minimize it, so that it will not interfere with the job.
  4. Why are you interested in the position, this question relates to the reason why you are applying for the position, quite often asked by recruiters to find out about interest or interest in filling a position within this company, as well as seriousness to work in the position. The answer can be based on many things, perhaps related to your educational background, or because you have experience in the field and are interested in learning more about it.
  5. What do you know about our company? Of course, the answer to this interview question cannot be done carelessly. So before this interview session takes effect, it is important to learn or explore in advance about the company where you are applying for the job, so that you will not be confused if asked this question. Previously, you can explain in advance about the big picture related to the company and the advantages of the company that make you interested in working there.
  6. Why should the company accept you as an employee, from 10 interview questions and answers, this one question must be there. If you have entered this one question, you can start by explaining about your professional skills. Show that you do have these things, of course, according to the needs of the company. So that it can be a plus point for the company to accept you as an employee.
  7. Your life plan for the next 5 years, it is not uncommon for HRDs to ask this question to prospective employees, this can be one part of seeing the motivation of these candidates and their goals in the future, whether they will be in line with the company or not. So the best answer to this one question is to be able to show that you will grow and develop with the company in the next 5 years, giving specific answers is more advisable and with the goals of the company.
  8. What contribution can you make to the company? Recruiters will also ask about what kind of contribution you can later contribute to the company, of course, a positive one is not negative. So the answer you can give here is to be able to tell about what experiences and achievements you have had before so that this can be associated with the position being applied for.
  9. Why did you resign from your previous company? There are indeed some candidates who are fresh graduates or new graduates who have no previous experience at all. But it is also not uncommon for those who have work experience. Of course, these experienced candidates will later be asked about the reasons why they left the previous company. try not to demonize the previous job no matter how bad it is, because it will make recruiters also give a negative assessment to you. Answer with professional sentences, and do not corner any party, because this is what is preferred.
  10. How do you deal with stress or pressure at work? It is certain that in work stress or pressure will exist, and some unprofessional employees often solve it by resigning or leaving, of course, the company will also not easily get new candidates or replacements, so it must be answered properly so that the assessment of the company will also be positive or plus points. For example, by telling through previous experiences, how to deal with this stress, try to also solve this stress positively.

Those are 10 interview questions and answers that can certainly be used as a reference material to get hired, in the company that you have dreamed of. Keep in mind that there are many other candidates or your rivals out there who have better quality. So while still in the job search stage, continue to develop your skills or skills, including by participating in training and continuing to add relationships. Because it could be that from here later you will be closer to a career in the future. Don’t throw away every opportunity that exists, just try it because better to fail than to regret.

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