Various Personality Tests to Get to Know Yourself Better

Personality tests are important test that is basically needed by everyone. The goal is to get to know yourself better. In fact, others often know more about you than you do yourself, which is true. Even in the interview or employee recruitment stage, many companies will apply various tests.

The purpose of these personality tests is to get to know each candidate better. Then find the most suitable for their needs to be placed in a company. So why do big companies often hold more than 3 tests also the process is long, to find the right candidate. So that there is no such thing as an employee who is accepted will immediately resign because it is not suitable for the desired job field.

So what are these types of personality tests? Here’s what you should know:

The Assessment Personality

This is a competency test used to recognize someone’s personality more deeply. Where later the test participants will get a telegent path questionnaire containing questions about deep insight into thought and decision making. How participants interact with each other in the workplace, environment, and family to find out how they socialize.

This personality test is important to recognize yourself more deeply. So that later it can improve what can be improved. People like this will be considered outside or in the workplace. Generally, this type of test will also be combined with other types of personality tests. It is important to take the test for future career interests to develop.


Also known as the 16 personalities test, because in MBTI itself personality types will be divided into 16 different types. Nowadays more and more people are aware of the importance of taking this personality test to find out what type they are. Later the results obtained based on the answers given regarding habits and how they socialize.

The results obtained from this test can also be used to develop strengths and how to reduce weaknesses. You will also find it easier to solve future problems if you already know what type of personality you are. because sometimes some people cannot think objectively when faced with problems. From here, you will also know the right position placement in the world of work.

Color Test

In personality tests, it will also be known how someone’s personality is by looking at the color they like, that’s what the color test does. Actually, this test was popularized by Carl G. Jung. That is when you want to get a prediction about someone’s attitude, then you can see with their favorite color, because the color they like can also reflect themselves. Even now this color test can also be done online, there are quite a lot of websites that provide it, even for free which will help you to more easily get to know yourself from your favorite color. People can be known for their characters from their colors.


Next, which is also quite popular is the DUSC test, usually this personality test will be done after the MBTI test, which is to find out which category someone belongs to out of 4 personality types, including dominance, influence, submission and also compliance. Later from the test results obtained, you will see which type you are from these four types. because it will also affect the type of job that is most suitable.

Because this will affect how someone makes decisions. In following this test, candidates are usually given many questions to fill out. Each answer chosen is neither right nor wrong, but more influential on which personality type the candidate is. whether dominant, influence, submission or maybe compliance.

This personality test can be said as the initial stage in screening work, where these techniques are used to measure personality accurately and consistently. This personality measured is in accordance with a person’s characteristics every day. Starting from how they treat themselves, others, and also how they communicate.

In the test, there are no right or wrong terms, often used for:

  1. Assessing theory.
  2. Seeing changes in personality.
  3. As a forensic need.
  4. Used to assess risk.
  5. Used to build competence.
  6. Misdiagnosing psychological problems.
  7. Evaluate the effectiveness of therapy.
  8. Screening job candidates.

Of course, many HRDs require long and long-term preparation for the purpose of human resource recruitment because of these tests, especially if the number of people participating in recruitment is also large. it certainly requires extra energy. That’s why. So then there are many who entrust it to experienced institutions. So it can be more practical work and also save time and energy, even if calculated from a cost perspective, it is also more efficient. Just trust experienced assessment institutions, Algobash.

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